Aug 012017

Two wardrobe items characterize BTS shopping more than any others:

  1. Athletic shoes
  2. Jeans

In the first case, can I just say that 90% of the ladies I meet at the gym are wearing (#ad)Asics?

In the case of the second, is there anything more complicated? (Ok, it is actually our bodies that are complicated …)

This short video I found on YouTube is pretty helpful. If you have more specific questions about jean style, I am happy to try to answer them in the comments or by email.

Two more things about finding your best look in jeans:

  1. You know how they always say, “wear flares to balance your hips”? I want to say, “well, sometimes” and to add, “wear flares (if you want) to balance your shoulders (and/or bust)”. It all depends on the relative length of your legs.
  2. (#ad)Eshakti makes custom jeans for the price of off-the-shelf! My sister has done it and they are SO cute!

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