Sep 052017

Going into September this year, as usual, it’s nearly 100°. During the day. At night, it’s dipping down below 60. That time of year when it’s summer during the day, winter at night. Not really winter, but ykwim. The time of year when people say “dress in layers” and I nod, while staring blankly and wishing it were that easy.

Anyway, since the days of summer are getting shorter and fewer, my summer wardrobe can definitely become minimal. I only plan to save the two best of every wardrobe piece for next year: two shorts, two skirts, two dresses, and so on. Some pieces, only one. Anything I put on these days that feels like a compromise in my best look goes into the donation bag.

In addition to purging those items I don’t plan to store, I will be shopping for those things I need to complete my fall wardrobe. Actually, first I need to take inventory, do some try-ons, maybe some alterations.

It is getting easier. And more rewarding. Discovering how to express my visual identity and essential aesthetic in my appearance is a journey of self-acceptance. And grace.

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