Jul 102017

I am finally getting sunglasses. This little post from the archives tells the history of me and my prescription sunglasses, what history there is, and even includes a picture!

Before I get to the try-on pictures, allow me to just share a little bit about my philosophy on glasses. I get that glasses are probably second only to hair in expressing personality, but they are also really expensive and I have to buy my own; therefore, I prefer a look with more staying power. Having multiple fun pairs of glasses, one for every outfit, would be great but at $200 to $500 a pair that’s not happening! I was able to use FSA dollars with Warby Parker. Edited to add: to save $, I had my sunglasses built single vision. They are mostly for driving/walking around anyway. If my life included alot of reading outdoors, I may have tried to work out a way to get progressives …

(Full disclosure: links to Warby Parker are affiliate links and if you make a purchase through them, they will pay me a small commission. Thank you so much! Home Try-On program)

What is lovely about this is that, even tho I am ordering online, I was able to try on the frames AND they offer returns (30 day) AND they will reimburse (up to $ limit) if I have to have them adjusted when I get them.

After getting family input, I went with the first pair. The fourth were my second choice. But I’m only getting one. Which are your faves?

Now, on to the pics:

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  1. Cute! Prescription sunglasses have been a great investment for this non-wearer of contacts.

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