Jun 272017

Are you starting to wonder whether a personal stylist could help you?  If so, you are not alone; there is a massive movement toward popularizing the use of styling services.

(OTOH,  I have just about given up using the term “stylist” because 95% of the people I talk to interpret that as Doing Hair. LOL)

Here is what is not immediately obvious about stylists (or style services) and their philosophies:

  1. Some want to do as much as possible for you and/or with you (shopping, packing, sorting, etc.). They act as a kind of a servant, in the best possible way.
  2. Others, often gifted artists, want to share their vision. Functionally more of a guru or an authority, they can tell you exactly what to wear and what to buy.
  3. Still others are motivated to help you connect with your own artistic vision. Working with them is like seeing a counselor, less a quick fix and more a journey of self-discovery.

While many stylists will try to market themselves as multiple of the above types, I think we are all fundamentally most aligned with one approach.   You can easily see how a misalignment between a stylist’s philosophy and  your reasons for hiring them could produce alot of frustration! Ack!  I can also easily see how I have frustrated some clients 🙁

Some quick thoughts (#thinkingoutloud) on how to align your goals and a stylist’s philosophy:

  1. If your goal is an updated and appropriate wardrobe and you don’t want to spend your time shopping, hire a servant-type stylist. If your budget is less, consider a shopping subscription service.
  2. If you just want someone to tell you what to do, book an analysis with a guru-type stylist. Try to get a personal shopping outing so you can learn how to use their vision and guidelines.
  3. If your goal is a signature style, or if you are an artist, or possibly if you have body image issues; you will want a stylist who takes the counselor approach. Expect to constribute to the styling process.

Furthermore, you can gain alot by working with more than one stylist in the course of your life. After all, stylists have different skill sets and human beings are always changing.

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