Rebecca Mielke (Spokane) Stylist|Color Consultant


Knowing what to wear hasn’t come naturally to Rebecca Mielke; although the interest has been present from a young age, she has had to study. Always observing, analyzing, and identifying patterns; in the late 1990s, Rebecca began seeking a system based on knowledge, rather than preference, for making clothing choices. A friend recommended The Triumph of Individual Style by Carla Mathis, a college textbook which uses great works of art to illustrate the application of artistic principles to clothing choices. That was the beginning. Since that beginning, the motivation to understand people and help them reach their full potential has inspired further research and study, innovation and systematization, and lots of discussion, culminating in studying with image master Carla Mathis and certification as a Personal Stylist through The Style Core.

The Space Between My Peers is a record of much of that discussion. In the years Rebecca has been writing about wardrobe development , she has sought to help others find happiness and contentment, or at least not have their clothes be the source of their troubles, by presenting options and solutions not widely available in the main-stream media. One of her favorite compliments? “I never would have thought of that.”

A caring communicator and committed Christ-follower, Rebecca enjoys training, speaking, and designing new programs to help people. Truthfully, she just enjoys people. Seeing women wearing new confidence as a result of her influence compels her to continual cycles of investigation and analysis, and knowing what to wear herself, well, that is the just the icing on the cake.

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