Feb 242015

Are you an accessories person? In my Essential Series of style services, I offer a Facial Themes Analysis to help with selecting accessories and defining the best prints. This image consulting service is available via email to clients in Spokane and around the world.

But you might be wondering, “What is a Facial Themes Analysis”? That’s reasonable. Using a photograph, I trace your face and then look for patterns. image. Repeating those patterns in your accessories will enhance your natural beauty. I also identify the scale of your features, and other artistic elements relating to necklines, accessories, and prints.

In this photo, shamelessly lifted from YouTube, you see a beautiful woman enhancing the triangle shapes in her face (see her lower eyelid?) with her v-neckline and her side bangs. Analyzing your face for line and shape is difficult, but ever-so-valuable in selecting the details you wear near it.

  5 Responses to “What is a Facial Themes Analysis?”

  1. This seems like it would go hand-in-hand with consultations for eyeglass frames. Do you offer that? I think it’d be a terrific service.

    • Yes, it does! I have done a Facial Themes Analysis with specific suggestions for glasses, but you have given me another idea: personal shopping with! I mean, I already offer personal shopping, but going to help with selecting frames would be something I could call out separately. It is such a big deal, too, and I do see things now that I didn’t before. Thanks so much for the thought! 🙂

  2. Yes, absolutely. Glasses are HARD to choose – there’s such a variety of shapes and colors and sizes… and comfort is so important. I’m quite likely shopping for a pair soon (just chipped my main pair, and discovered that my backup are a different enough prescription that my eyes ache), and was thinking what a great service it would be to KNOW what suited my face rather than just guess. I have your hair-based analysis of my face that I’m using for a reference as I look!

    • You probably know this already, but make sure the sides do not extend beyond the sides of your face (mine do a little and I think they could be a little more flattering) and that your eye is centered in the lense (up and down). It surprises me that the people that sell glasses don’t always know that.

      Bummer that you have to get new ones; I liked the ones you had! Hope you find something really great!

      • Oh interesting – I had heard that glasses SHOULD extend beyond the sides of your face! I’m going to have to do come comparison of photos and see what I can tell. My incorrect prescription back-up glasses are a little smaller (and don’t extend beyond the edges), and I felt like they made my face look fat.

        I do know about the eye being centered. And somehow it never seems to work in real glasses for me – maybe my eyes are close set? My nose is very wide at the bridge, and I have before gotten a wider frame to accommodate the nose width. That may be why my eyes aren’t centered in the lenses.

        So much to consider!

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