Oct 102014

Lately I have been playing around with my (stylist’s) stylus, modifying hair in pictures. This is where I think I am going with the length.

Sometimes it is easier to see proportional relationships is a small picture (like on your phone, rather than on the computer). I always feel like I want my hair a little more full, but in the little pictures the flat might be better.



  3 Responses to “Fashion Lab: Sketching Hairstyles”

  1. I realize I’m looking at drawn on hair for comparison 😀 and a 3/4 view in general but I also like the flatter
    version. It looks like get-on-with-it hair. Got the modern look down. To me, it looks like hair for a high energy person. Fuller stylized hair always looks more static.

  2. Your observation regarding using a smaller picture for better perspective on hair is a good one. I agree with Vildy–I like the more effortless look of the flatter version of your hair.

  3. Cool! The flatter is alot easier to style 😉

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