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Spending money on their hair is a challenge for alot of women. Just this evening, I was having that conversation with a client. Some styles can go longer between cuts; for the past few years I have been going for a cut every 5 or 6 weeks. (If I were trying to keep my gray covered, I have no doubt I would need the roots touched up more than monthly!)

In discussing and contemplating my hair in two recent posts (from summer 2007), I came to a conclusion:

I have been going too long between haircuts

Because my hairstylist is extremely skillful and my hairstyle imprecise, I can go longer. I often receive compliments on my haircut LONG after my last visit to the salon. Thus it always seems premature to schedule the next appointment before I leave.

The typical scenario: after about 10 weeks, I have a week when my hair looks so-so. Followed by a week when it looks fabulous. Followed by a week when there is no longer any doubt it is overgrown. Toward the end of that week, I make the call.

While I can usually get in fairly quickly, the problem is compounded by the fact that my hair has lost its shape enough that it now takes me another week of styling to get it retrained. Count them: that’s a minimum of 3 weeks of bad hair out of every 13 weeks! About one quarter of my life.

The simple remedy for this problem? Note to self, in the 9th week: make appointment for haircut. The cost? One haircut per year. Less than $25 $50.

I’m putting a sticky note on my calendar right now. There’s really no excuse not to, is there?

And now it is even easier. I love online booking!

  10 Responses to “TBT: The Price of Eliminating Bad Hair Days”

  1. I’m guilty there, too. This month for a reason, though. I want it at its best for my jaunt to Wisconsin. A cut at the end of this week ought to about do it! (Last week I was past due.)

  2. I understand that reasoning. When I put my sticky note on the calendar I was delighted to see that it fell comfortably past the conference we have in October (the one where we have to get up in front of 1000 people). The trick will be the next cut, though, the one falling during the holiday season.

  3. Equally guilty – and my haircut costs about $8 normally. The money doesn’t bother me, though, so much as the time. O.k., I have enough of that, too. I guess, it’s just easy to procrastinate when it’s just not my favorite thing to do. I don’t even know why that is. The guy that does it is great, nice, and he’s really good at washing my hair without straining my neck. Hmmmm… now you really have me wondering what the issue is. You’re a good therapist 🙂

  4. I normally spend about $8-$12 a cut (cheap as I can go), and I get it cut when I remember to get it cut… : \ ….. Which can be 6 months at a time, or more. I find that only when my hair looks unruly, it’s when it’s long past due. Other than that, I find that it tends to keep the shape, volume and poof and look perfectly coiffed on most days – which I am very thankful for.

  5. I had no idea I was in such good company! 😉

  6. “it now takes me another week of styling to get it retrained”

    Is that why we haven’t seen the new ‘do yet?

  7. It’s going to take more than a week of training for this haircut to look like the picture. It is actually more like the 2 inches shorter suggested by erin. But I doubt I would post a picture of it anyway. If for some other reason it makes sense to shoot a picture with head and face some time in the near future, well, my hair will probably be in it.

    It could happen. 🙂 Anyway, I like it fine so far.

  8. I always go too long between cuts, I think in the name of frugality. Very bad excuse. I also have to find a sitter or go on dh’s day off, so that complicates things. Normally the kids go everywhere with me, and they are good, but I just can’t bring myself to trust a 2yo, 4yo, and 6yo to sit still while I am in the chair for an hour. It’s not like I can just jump up and save the situation, ya know?

  9. Busted. When I was younger, I would go at least a year between cuts. I’m better now – I’ve gotten it cut twice this year already, I think. I’m due for a third time, but wanted to give it a couple more weeks to grow. Still, right now, every day is a bad hair day. It’s time.

    • Me too. I am trying to grow it a little longer, too, and it has just gotten to the stage where it is very rectangular looking, which on me is very boring. I ran across the idea recently that whenever we choose styles that harmonize with our natural lines, the result is a look that is feminine; and, of course, the converse. It makes alot of sense to me.

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