Jul 212014

As I’ve been assimilating all that I’ve been learning, I have been thinking about the most helpful things I can convey here. Chief of these: find a way to see yourself objectively.

We all kinda intuitively know that if we look in the mirror and start fluffing the hair, something is not quite right with the hairstyle. Similarly, when we look in the mirror and adjust the stance, it may be that something is not quite right with the outfit. Often, that something will be related to the silhouette.

For example, one move I find myself making from time to time, that I never really understood before, is standing with my feet further apart. The reason for this? My natural silhouette is an hourglass; I always thought I was a figure eight. If I can stand in front of my mirror with my feet together or my feet apart, that is a good outfit!

Surprisingly, it turns out, fluffing the hair can be related to silhouette too. I always want my hair to have an inverted triangle exterior shape; that is, of course, the top of an hourglass.

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