May 072014

20140507-152016.jpgWhen I heard about these Sanuk Yoga Sandalsicon, I had the same immediate reaction as when I first saw Chaco’s: buy these! Today! And I did (order them from, that is).

I love that they are flip-flops, but with a strap to keep them on. The thong aspect is made more comfortable by the soft, stretchy fabric and the yoga mat footbed. Tinted tomato is one of my best colors; “tomato tie dye” will blend with (nearly) everything I wear in the summer. Wanting the feet to blend with the legs rather than standing out, anyone could use this formula:

print: neutral (light, medium, or dark, depending on skintone) + one (or more) of the subtle colors present in your skin (hemoglobin, melanin, or one of your “dramatic colors”; that is, the blues, greens, or purples of your veins

When the hero heard about these sandals, he told me I could have them for Mother’s Day. And I have learned to submit 😉

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