Jan 222014

This post is not really a response to all the “Be Kind to Your Introvert” stuff that is going around these days …

On my way out of the gym today, I was thinking about how joining the YMCA was and is an answer to many years of prayer. Although my official purpose is to build the muscle I will need to maintain an active old age, it is also a source of enough social contact to sustain life AND an activity level which is rehabilitating my neck and shoulders – and allowing me to resume blogging!  Odd as it sounds, I enjoy talking to strangers.

Sale on Women’s Swimwear – Starting at $14! Valid 1/19-1/25

One of my recent, random locker room conversations involved swimwear. There are only really two common fabrics used in swimwear; swimmers know that a suit of polyester fabric will hold up to the deterioration caused by constant exposure to chlorine. Of course, my really expensive, and really cute, Eddie Bauer suit is nylon and spandex which seems to me a healthier fabric choice, since nylon breathes.
My conclusion:

buy an inexpensive, modest, polyester suit for the gym
stylish, spandex, swim separates for the sun.

What is your swimwear strategy? 

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  1. Aaaand this is why I keep on coming back to this blog.

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