Dec 052013

So, I joined the YMCA. My daughter and I have gone nearly every day since then; I am helping her get the kids settled into the child care AND enjoying her company.  And on a little streak of blogging about exercise clothes.

May I also take this opportunity to add that my newest athletic shoes are neon pink? For those who may not have noticed (which would have been me six months ago), <strong>bright is the new white, when it comes to athletic shoes.</strong>

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My shoes are Merrell, which I love; Puma, however, is my perennial favorite athletic shoe brand.

  2 Responses to “Bright is the New White”

  1. Mine are super bright blue. I love them!

  2. That is perfect! There were a couple ladies in my class that had bright blue Nikes and they always caught my eye.

    You may find this amusing: one of the first days I went to that class, which took place in the college dance studio, I stepped in gum in the parking lot. So when I got my new shoes, I just brought then in my bag and changed into them. Now, I still just carry them around thinking, “I have never worn them outside” , even though I change in the locker room at the Y.


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