Dec 032013

You know that moment when you realize that everyone is wearing, eating, drinking, carrying, listening to, or some-other-how sporting the same thing? And, worse, maybe something you haven’t even noticed before now?  This happened to me a few weeks ago.

Around the time the cold settled permanently in, I swung by the coffee stand in our neighborhood on my way home from thrifting.  Both baristas were wearing the following uniform template:

leggings & boots + tee & gauzy scarf  long, shaped cardigan

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Designer brand clothing, shoes & handbags on saleI doubt they called each other up the night before and planned to dress similarly. Their hair was similar too. Suddenly I felt very uncool; it had not yet occurred to me to put together such an outfit.

But it was exactly what I needed later in the day when I dressed for the exercise studio.  Worn with boots and a long sweater, workout pants (even capris) look just like casual clothes.  I could wear that template all day long!

image.jpgimage1.jpgExcept I cannot find sweaters.   Until now, I couldn’t even find a picture to post to show you. This was in today’s Shop It To Me mail.

All this time I have been shopping, thinking that the reason I couldn’t find a sweater to cover my b_++ pockets was the proportions of my figure. Apparently not 😉

I think I prefer hi-lo with the hi in the front and lo on the back, not the other way around! 

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