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Welcome to the first ever edition of The Carnival of Modesty!

Modest Resources

Annette Berlin presents How to Tie a Head Scarf posted at Crafter’s Journey, saying,

A headscarf is the easiest type of hat to make. Just hem a rectangular or triangular piece of fabric and you are finished. Here are some fun ways to wear your new fashion accessory.

Deborah asked if it was alright to submit something by someone else (which it is) saying,

Can you submit something that belongs to someone else? I came across this collection of blog goodies last night, all having to do with modesty and new trends toward modesty.

The collection: A Tremor of Modesty and Restraint; posted at I Speak of Dreams. Deborah also gave me a great tip, setting up a google alert for the topic of modesty; as well as her own submission: Moms for Modesty Link and Libby Lou posted at One Beggar’s Bread.

My Story

Sherri Wilkerson presents Cover me, I’m goin’ in… , a funny story that shows that her children “get” what modesty is all about, at a suburban housewife.

Mary at Home-Steeped Hope shares her journey to modesty–from pastor’s kid to newlywed to a mother of three daughters in The Church’s Influence on Modesty and her thought about the first woman to ever inspire her to modesty in Modesty and the Older Woman, and how it’s made her feel responsible to carry on in her tradition.

What is Modest

The next two articles are from Your Sacred Calling:

Our carnival’s organizer, MInTheGap, presents Hey, Check Me Out!, part 2 of his modesty series, wondering,

“Is dressing for attention modest?”

More great entries:

ENFORCED MODESTY posted at Word Around the Net: The effect of immodesty is that it desensitizes men to their spouses’ body– says Naomi Wolf.

Who Defines Feminine Modesty?is a great question by Mollie at true womanhood in the new millennium. With 95 responses.

Why dress modestly? Part 1 posted at Unfurling Flower, is part of a great series talking about Why Dress Modestly.

Two entries from the lovely Anna at Veiled Glory:

  1. Cosmetics- Modest or Immodest?, submitted by MIn, and
  2. Culture, Clothing, and Modesty, in which she tries to answer the question regarding the cultural relativity of modesty and how that applies to our Western culture.

That concludes this edition. Submit your blog article to the next edition of carnival of modesty:

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  15 Responses to “The First Ever Carnival of Modesty”

  1. Thanks for hosting this, Rebecca. What a great resource and so many good articles! Thanks to all that participated.

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  3. This is a great, thought-provoking collection of articles. I’ll have plenty of reading to do this weekend! Thanks for hosting it!


  4. This turned out great! I see I have a week’s worth of reading here and comes at a great time for me because I am looking over my closet/cosmetics with a view to editing. (when am I not?)

  5. Ooh, lots of goodies to look forward to! Thanks for this, Rebecca. 🙂

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  7. Great idea! Glad you are doing this! The tide is indeed turning, thank goodness.

  8. That you for starting this! I have lots of reading to do!!!!

  9. there’s a lot of interesting reading there.. not all of it i agree with (head covering at all times?!) but it’s good to read many different perspectives on the same subject.

  10. Thanks for noticing my blog post on modesty. I hope to get to a long review of Shalit’s new book, “Girls Gone Wild” in the next 10 days or so.

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  13. Have you ever heard of Eliza Magazine? I hear it is a modest fashion magazine.

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  15. It’s funny you should refer to this as a Christian based blog carnival in the description on BC. Modesty is a very prominent issue for Jews, as well. And I suspect Muslims, too.


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