May 102007

Bonnie, whose question about fitted jackets and fit in jackets we addressed previously, kindly volunteered to model for this Fashion Lab, and I think she’s glad she did.

Her reaction:

*Now* I like my jacket. Now that I’ve tried it on with (all) my clothes! I like to button this one up all the way, too. Thanks, Rebecca. This was fun, and it’s nice to know what to wear now.

I hope it’s not self-serving for me to publish that. I’m genuinely excited for Bonnie. This is a cute jacket!


Thanks again Bonnie! And remember, you too can model for a fashion lab. Up next week: Can basic t-shirts be less than boring? featuring dcrmom.

Personally, I like each look here except maybe the first one, and I bet that one is cute without the jacket. I love the army green skirt (it’s very “northwest”); and don’t overlook the cute leopard print flats with her jeans.

SM New York - Gigee (Leopard) - Women's

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  1. Great job Bonnie! Like Rebecca, the first is my least favourite look, but I’m willing to bet dollars to donuts that the teal underpinning and the jacket are fabulous with jeans, too.

    Would you consider trying the jacket with the sleeve cuffs up or rolled? (I won’t be the least bit offended if the answer is no!)

  2. My fave has to be the one with the jeans! Those jeans are so flattering IMHO. Like Wendy, I bet the teal with the jacket would look cute with the jeans. The brown jacket looks very versatile, and I bet it was fun to see how many “new” outfits Bonnie was able to make with that one piece.

  3. I like #4.

  4. My fave is the jacket with t-shirt & olive drab skirt. Buttoned or open, that is the best! (To be honest, I’m on a khaki skirt kick this month, so my status as an impartial judge should be questioned.)

  5. Bonnie here ;]
    Wendy, I’d roll up the sleeves- seems like the sleeves would be good for that…but can I “do” that? I’ve never seen anyone with rolled up jacket sleeves!
    That army green skirt (does it have to be called “drab”! lol) has become my new jeans. I still need a denim one, but that one is flattering and neutral all in one.

    And sorry I wore the same teal shirt for three of the four photos…my new t-shirts from Old Navy are waaaay to long and I’m going to take them back.

    No one said anything about my hot pink birkenstocks…I bet you all think I’m crazy ;] (but my feet sure are comfy!)

    One more thing: Rebecca, the SAHM idea about running around the house in my tank and then upon leaving throwing no my jacket to spruce up a bit is marvelous, and so practical! I live in the desert, and during the summer it’s 110 degrees outside. It is *way* to hot to hang out in a jacket. I’m afraid it’s going to be too hot to throw a jacket when I leave, too.

  6. Bonnie, sure you can. In fact, I have a blazer that has striped grosgrain ribbon on the inside of the sleeves, and one of the first things the sales person did was roll the sleeve up to show the detail. It is a more casual look, but also a more summery one.

    I love teal and brown, so I enjoyed seeing that tee in several combinations!

    If it’s too hot to throw a jacket on over a tank, you might like consider a short sleeved blouse/shirt as a blazer alternative.

  7. Bonnie, I agree with Wendy about the teal top and jacket looking good with your jeans. No worries about wearing the same top, that’s actually good for “scientific method” ;).

    I don’t think you’re crazy – the pinkenstocks are great!

    You probably haven’t seen the fashion lab where I cut the sleeves off a lightweight corduroy jacket. I’m not recommending that you cut up this one, but perhaps it gives you an idea about what the jacket might look like with the sleeves rolled up.

    Since summer has arrived early here in the mountains of the great northwest, I have had your last point on the brain – more to come on that soon! (For now, my favorite trick is to throw a cardigan in the purse, in your case perhaps diaper bag.)

    Thanks to everyone who commented. This is a happy conversation! (Don’t stop, either.) 🙂

  8. I am back to put more into my earlier comment. I like 4 best b/c I think the necklines work well with your body type, Bonnie my dear. And I agree with Wendy that the light weight shirt (possibly lightweight linen or an eyelet) would be a great “jacket substitute” in hotter climate. there are lots of eyelet shirts out in colors and prints – so cute for summer.

    I think the jeans in 2 are very flattering – I am going to go out on a limb here and say that the shirt under the jacket in that shot does nothing for me – I am struggling with why, tho.

  9. I like the jeans look best. It’s very slimming and more “put together casual” in my view. I’d like to see a top that floats away from the body paired with the jacket.

    My 2 cents worth,

  10. That would be an interesting look to test. 🙂

  11. Great experiment, Bonnie! My fav look is with the jeans.

    I used to disdain cropped jackets because they seemed impractical and makes a person look stunted, but I’ve done a complete 180. Now I love them! They are actually quite practical in the warmer months when a full jacket is too heavy but I need some light cover. Now that long tunics are popular, cropped jackets work as a perfect contrast. I went from owning 0 to 1 shrug to 3 shrugs and 1 cropped pullover. I’m gonna stop there…lol.

    My mom, however, doesn’t like my idea of layering. Oh well, to each their own.

  12. That is the nature of fashion cycles, isn’t it? 😉

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