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Put enough questions together and sooner or later they starting answering one another, right?

Like this one from Bonnie:

I am nursing and have a very large bust (about every other year it seems. I think I’ve been pregnant or nursing for the last few years;). Anyhow, my waist is smaller than my bust, so when I try on jackets they generally look too big- but they’ll button. If I choose the more fitted look, they won’t button. What would you suggest?

And the lingering questions in my mind about why the column effect fashion lab didn’t really work with me, when I know that technique is fabulously slimming on others.

And why is this look 2007_april-015.jpg just not as flattering as 2007_april-017.jpg this one I showed you before?

My conclusion: When shape at the waist is necessary to achieve the shape of the silhouette – as in Type X, the hourglass and Type 8, the figure eight, or Type V, the wedge – the jacket should be fitted and may need to be buttoned or belted for that to be achieved. Other figure types may benefit from the column effect created by an open jacket. I don’t suppose it would make a bit of difference on a pencil.

What do you lovely ladies think? Am I on to something here?

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  1. Rebecca, fitted is absolutely key! Most open blazers make larger busted women look significantly heavier than they are. A fitted jacket, even when worn open, gives a slimmer look.

    I’m not a big fan of belting blazers, so I would suggest that Bonnie’s best bet is to buy the jacket to fit in the bust, and have a seamstress take it in to accentuate the waist.

  2. I agree with Wendy, when she says a fitted jacket is key. I also have a larger bust than waist and often I buy a fitted jacket that cannot button at the bust, and I wear it unbuttoned. Even unbuttoned, it still gives me that slimming effect at the waist. If I buy one that isn’t fitting,…. it’s a really bad look… It kind of falls off the bust with no defination of the waist.

  3. Carrie – amen, sistah.

    I am also of the larger busted figure type – I am a very curvy type and have less space between bust and hip than I used to – altho my waist is still quite a bit smaller than my hip or bust. I can’t do the belted jacket b/c it emphasizes the “short waist” factor, looking like my bust is at my belt, even w/ benefit of a great undergarment for lift.

    the fitted jacket, worn open still curves in at the waist, reminding ppl that I have that ultra-feminine shape, but doesn’t give me the matronly buttoned-up look that reminds one of a ship’s prow (and not the figurehead!). The exception to this rule is if I am wearing a well-fitted jacket with a low enough lapel – if the V formed by the lapels is deep enough to “cut” my potential broad appearing torso, it works well to visually re-shape me, even when buttoned (or especially when buttoned if it’s really good).

    If the lapels meet higher on the torso, I am looking like either the queen mother or the QE2, neither being my perferred image.

  4. If it’s something you’re going to wear often, go ahead & splurge just a bit for quality. A seamstress can nip in the waist on any jacket, but a well-made jacket can withstand multiple alterations, as your shape/size changes when you are finished nursing.

  5. WOO HOO! Bonnie, there you have it – the ladies have spoken.

    With regard to what you spend:

    if, like me, you’re going to spend $15 or less, just do like Carrie and buy the one that looks good, even if you can’t button it.

    But don’t be afraid of buying something quality. Like Joy said, “a well-made jacket can withstand multiple alterations”.

    That’s my take on it, from the other side of the figure spectrum.

    So my conclusion? I’m not certain it was right on, but I’m glad I did the post. 😉

  6. Wow!!! I love the new look of your blog!!! It is really eye-catching and upbeat!

    I haven’t had much time to get on the internet lately, so I’m trying to catch up on everything…so my comment is a little late.

    Anyway…I think whenever you can afford it, fitted is definitely best. I think it flatters all figure types. But, when you can’t afford it…like me, I usually leave it open rather than have a poor fit.

  7. Ladies, you (and this blog!) are awesome! Thanks for all the great advice/tips. Thanks so much Rebecca. I appreciate the posting of my questions! (tho I don’t mean to be a blog hog 😉

  8. You are very welcome, Bonnie!

    Clearly you are not alone in this question. I like that we can talk about all different kinds of “what to wear” questions, not just the ones that pertain to me. How boring that would be!

  9. i’m nursing too so i know what it feels like to have a hard time buttoning. especially because i am normally pretty small, and have small shoulders. so i’ve been buttoning shirts and jackets to just under the bust (and wearing a shirt underneath of course). it brings in the waist, so i don’t look like a box. i don’t want to buy things that are going to be too big a year from now, because i don’t have the money to keep replacing things like jackets.

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