Apr 122007

Is she or isn’t she?

Our model comments,

As for the shirts, this is mine and my hubby’s observation: In order for you not to look *so* pregnant, the shirt has to be gathered or tight (fitted), underneath the breasts. It can’t just fall straight off of the breasts and out, or it makes for a VERY unflattering look (note the navy blue shirt of my sister’s that still has the tags attached. I think that needs returned!). Also, we noticed that it makes my hips look large, which is actually quite amusing because I have zero hips. I am pencil straight, and my hips are the same width as my waist.

Makes her hips look large? Hmmm. Wonder what it would do for someone who had hips.

Here’s some alternative looks.

IMHO, we are either going to

  • a) figure out a way to wear baby doll tops that somehow flatters most figures, or
  • b) get over this fad very quickly.

Which do you think it will be? And have you figured out the secret to wearing them well?

BTW, I like both the aqua with the t-shirt under and the one with the pink & black floral pattern, both have a diagonal element to them. Topping with a cardigan would probably be more effective if the cardigan and the top were the same color and all you were doing with it was changing the shape.

What are your thoughts?

  19 Responses to “Friday Fashion Lab: Baby Doll Tops”

  1. I didn’t hold a very high opinion of baby doll tops until I bought some (like the yellow one I blogged about last week). All of a sudden, I can see why people like them. I think babydoll tops are made to be worn with pants, particular the skinnier/straight-legged variety (I like look #1). Boot-cut, flares, and skirts? Not so much.

    For flattering cuts, I agree that we should look for something fitted under the bust. The next important thing to look for is the fabric. If it is slinky (like rayon, which I’m not a huge fan of for maintenance reasons), it drapes better. When the fabric is stiff, the billowy portion just bulges out.

    I like alternative look #2 (the one with the sweater). It shows off the flowy look of the top, but it streamlines the sillouette. It’s an illustration of why babydoll tops is a good layering piece but can be trouble on its own. Alternately, you can think of layering as a way to cure buyer’s remorse.

  2. I like the pic with the cropped cardigan.

    What annoys me about so many of these tops (as I was shopping recently) is the wide band of color or trim around the bottom. That will just scream “big hips” whether you really have them or not!

  3. Sorry, with my pot belly (argh!) these styles are just going to scream “maternity” on me unless they end right at the waist . . . .

  4. I wonder if people are going to end up tucking them in …

  5. With high-waisted jeans being popular, I think tucking is a viable option. It contains all the poof.

  6. I say belt them at the natural waist or just under the chest for a different look.

    Also I think full tops look best with slim bottoms – pencil skirts, or those knee length pants you posted the other day.

  7. I think those tops are for teens so they can hide their pregnancies…or flaunt them – whichever! Personally – done the maternity look four times…don’t want to do it again! (unless God says so, of course)

  8. SRR ~ speaking of high-waisted jeans, you are going to love the ones I just got: they are very high-waisted and then just wide, they look just like what I wore in 9th grade! lol

    Danielle ~ I’m glad you mentioned belting. What a great idea! And I’ve been thinking about that with dresses, throwing the belt on just under the bust – super cute with a wide ribbon! (When Carried sent me the pictures she explained that she would have worn her skinnies, but they were in the wash. I’m just so grateful I didn’t have to model this “lab”…)

    The knee-length pants would be great, though, the proportions would be a natural.

    blest ~ I’ve been wondering if part of the reason for their popularity is related to the fact that it’s sort of trendy to BE pregnant. Hmmmm.

  9. People are nicer to pregnant ladies anyway! So, wear ’em & smile!

  10. No! No babydoll tops! Well, maybe with the cardigan. I can’t think of many women that they would flatter, though.

  11. Me, I just loathe the style but would definitely like the look better with the slinky fabric. But then it’s a whole ‘nother look. I also like the idea of tucking them in, but not with high waisted pants, with a lower waist. Lower waist, tucked in, slinky = boho redux to me, an okay-by-me look. 🙂

  12. I agree with Danielle! I have one baby doll top — it ends at my hip bones, and looks good belted or as is. (Mine is dark brown silk charmeuse. One of my few brown things.)

  13. I have to agree… I normally don’t like the look at all. I’ve tried (goodness knows how I’ve tried), but I am also straight up and down (no waist, no hips, slight belly), and it makes me look like I’m 6 months pregnant. I’ll try the loose, slinkier draping fabric, but unfortunately the styles don’t really suit me when they’re like that (they end up being overly decorative, or just too flashy). I think I’ll stick to my tie-waist shirts that nip in at my natural waist to give me SOME shape, and tops that don’t billow out….

    With that being said, your post has made me think twice because I really liked the pink & black floral pattern one (last one on the right), and I think your suggestion to have the cardigan the dark colour is a fantastic one!

  14. Ohh, I hate the whole baby doll thing. They happened in Australia over summer and I’ve never seen so many skinny girls looking pregnant.

    The only way they work (at least for me) is if they fake the baby doll look. Some of the tops are ftted like a normal top but still come to the thigh. They get the “baby doll” look from contrasting material under the bust. If you can’t do the gathered look (like me) you might be able to do the contrast version instead.

  15. On my recent shopping trip I saw endless rows of babydoll tops. I own only one, and I only wear it underneath a structured blazer. Otherwise, I look preggo. I think they look adorable hanging on the rack, but in person they are risky unless you do something to bring some structure to them. I like the cropped cardigan over top look.

  16. I saw a photo that, in my eyes, is the only successful look for the baby doll. It was short enough that a slim-fitting underlayer hung a few inches beneath it and announced that this woman could not possibly be pregnant.

  17. Of course – that is brilliant! I never would have thought of it.

  18. I lovvvee the babydoll look – especially dresses. I don’t look pregnant, but I’m tiny… I guess I might look like I’m hiding something but who cares!

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