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Welcome to The Space Between My Peers, a place where nice ladies, like those listed in my blogroll, discuss what to wear.

Since the Ultimate Blog Party at 5 Minutes for Mom already has like 200 entries, I shall make this intro fairly brief. You just want to know if this blog’s for you, right?

  • It is if you are: interested in fashion?

    “an awesome blog about the how to’s of fashion-not that weird runway stuff no one actually wears, but the mechanics of how to look good in real clothing”. Jenn at Frugal Upstate

  • Do you lack skills and/or confidence about what to wear?

    “What a service, for someone to kindly educate the rest of us on all this, and without making me feel like a moron for not already knowing it.” HolyMama!

Last, but not least, if you, like me, just have way more words to say about clothes than you want to subject your friends and family to, stick around. We love to talk.

Now, since this is a party, what will you be wearing? A blog party, of course, has no dress code.

But I’ll be wearing my ball gown. (he hee)

  26 Responses to “The Ultimate Blog Party’s Here!”

  1. Popped over from the UBP…and I’m wearing my comfy clothes….

  2. Hi, over here from the UBP! I could definitely use some fashion tips! I just had a baby three months ago and I DON’T want to look like a frumpy mama. I’m only just now beginning to develop a sense of fashion at all. I was pathetic in high school. Yikes!

  3. So cute! I hope it’s a casual party, because I’m just wearing my jeans and my pullover fleece. I hope I’m not a fashion “don’t.” I’ve always felt welcome here before. ;0

  4. Thanks for the backlink ‘Becca :O My party hasn’t started yet. I’m doing the “I’m so cool my party doesn’t even start until tomorrow” thing. . . .

  5. If the party’s tonight … I’m not dressed for it!!! (Snow day. Although I was presentable earlier, I’m afraid it’s a sweatsuit evening!)

  6. Here from/for the party! I’m in my comfy clothes as well…gotta be comfy at a party…otherwise you won’t have fun, right?

  7. Obviously I’m going to have to change. But I’m so happy all of you came!

  8. Welcome to the party!


  9. Does it count if my identical twin is a fashion diva? I’d like to be but I think I’m missing that particular gene! Either way, I’m adding you to my blogroll. Maybe I’ll finally learn how to match plaids with stripes (I can do that right?)

    Party on!

  10. Party? Yeah! Rebecca, I love your blog! It’s one of my faves. 🙂 And…um…I’m in my PJs. What can I say, we’re traveling and we got to the hotel/motel (could never remember which was which) really late last night. Rock on!

  11. Swinging in for the Ultimate Blog Party!!! Nice meeting ya.
    Happy party week!!! PARTY ON!!!

    My first party favor give-away has begun. Come over when you get a chance.

  12. Love your blog! Dont we all need fashion tips? I will certainly become a regular reader!

  13. Jeans and a t-shirt! Regular fare around this stay-home, home-schooling household! 🙂 But maybe I’ll dress up nice since it is a party and all. 😉

    Have a great day!

  14. How about a crisp white cotton shirt, straight legged dark jeans, and a golden yellow fitted jacket. Blue leather tote and brown,pointy toed flats to complete. Would this be appropriate party wear? Hope so, cause I’d love to come…just let me kick my shoes off when I get there, please. Oh, I forgot…sterling jewelry will accesorize perfectly.

    Love fashion and shopping…will check back soon

  15. Oh yes, Tonja, you definitely belong here. Kick your shoes off, put your feet up, and join the conversation.

    Blue leather tote? Awesome!

  16. Hi nice to meet you

  17. Hi there!
    I love love love your blog!
    Glad you could swing by mine!

    I’m bookmarking yours!

  18. I’m wearing no pants. This is my kind of party! Oh wait..that sounded really bad! Nekkid parties are NOT my kind of party. Parties where I can wake up and stumble to the computer and sit there until noon and forget to get dressed are my kind of party! 🙂 Of course parties where I get dressed and leave the house are fun long as there is good food and fun people!

  19. Thanks for stopping by my bloggy home! Other than PJ’s, my “mommy uniform” of sweats and t-shirts, and the occasional piece of maternity clothing (still!), I’m not much for fashion. LOL But, glad to meet ya anyway!

  20. Yeah!! I’m SO going to need to come back to this blog. It’s Monday so I’m wearing my typical comfy jeans, t-shirt and hoodie. Ok, so maybe that’s my Tuesday – Friday attire also. …I’ll be back!

  21. A fashion blog! How fun! I’m always sneaking new issues of “In Style” into the house.

    I don’t recall what I wore to the party… probably jammies as I’ve got tons of those… but right now I’m wearing my comfy work clothes… black capris with lime green and hot pink flowers embroidered down one leg with a black tunic with beaded accents. It’s my ‘I have to go to work but I don’t want to’ outfit.

  22. […] have time to read all 710 entries, maybe just check out the 20 or so who have left comments here). It’s great to expand horizons and check out blogs and meet people. I love […]

  23. Popping by for the Party! I have fun exploding bubbles on my party post (chemistry experiment)! It’s not my Blogger one; it’s You’re invited!

    I am GLAD I found your blog. I want to dress better than I do, but I sure don’t want to look like a runway model!!

  24. What a fun blog concept! So glad to meet you – i am heading to go find out more about what I should be wearing 😉

  25. Hello! Stopped by to see the party. Your blog looks great – and I of course can always use help in the what to wear department!

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