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Charity Grace asked about shoes that don’t look too old-ladyish.  My dd chose the first pair, I like the second. (We all like both.)

Gabriella Rocha - Arista (Green Suede) - Juniors Gabriella Rocha – Arista (Green Suede) – is proud to offer the Gabriella Rocha – Arista (Green Suede) – Juniors: Modest and low-profile pump. Soft suede uppers. Cute bow on top of the vamp. Round toe. Lightly padded footbed. Man-made outsole with a floral tread design.

Both of these come in black also, but obviously the detailing doesn’t show up as well. Either style for less than $50.

Zigi NY - Chastity (Burgundy) - Juniors Zigi NY – Chastity (Burgundy) – is proud to offer the Zigi NY – Chastity (Burgundy) – Juniors: Elegant dress shoe that complements any style or outfit. Soft fabric upper. Round toe. Cute bow on the vamp. Lightly padded footbed. Man-made outsole for durability.

Excuse the mess, here, the new blog is still “under construction”.

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  1. They’re both cute … but I prefer the classic pump.

    Oh, and I have a new category for you, Rebecca. According to a manager at J. Michael’s (who used to be at Holts) my style is “fashion forward classic”.

  2. I like the second one best. So feminine, so me. 🙂 Of course, I have discovered that my fashion personality is contemporary (classic) and then nostalgic (romantic). I think those shoes are the perfect mixture of both!

    I’ve been reading through your archives over the last few days. Love it! I’m learning and even taking notes. Want to come to FL and help get my wardrobe in order? 🙂

  3. Interesting. I bet that corresponds to my Contemporary, which is really contemporary classic … a person who uses classic pieces, but only the ones that are currently in style, and mixes them in a way that is very up-to-date.

    That is what I thought your style was. That’s my main style, but without a doubt I have something else going on too.

  4. Jenna, I’d love to. 🙂

  5. Niether of those grab me, sorry to say. Too romantic. For a black pump to not look old lady-ish I think it needs a peep toe. Like these

    Better yet though to go with something other than black Black pumps seem almost boring –utilitarian — to me now. But I remember when I had at least three pair – one leather, one patent, and one suede.

    If it’s too cold for a peep toe she could wear some cute boots (like these and tights.

  6. I’m leaning in the other direction, though I agree the peep toes work this season. I think that to avoid looking old-ladyish you sometimes have to go more androgynous, with a more masculine looking shoe. Not the clodhoppers that have the running board soles but something closer to a Euro look leather “walker” and I would go for a rich brown – cognac or tobacco, maybe – because this kind of brown shoe where you would expect black looks the most updated and elegant to me.

  7. Thanks for letting me hijack the comments in the other thread, Rebecca, and thanks so much for the recommendations. I’m not normally a wedge person, but I think the green ones are cute. I really like the second shoe. It’s classic enough that it will last awhile, but youthful too. I have to say, this is the first time I’ve ever been called “hip”. I grew up one of those Little House on the Prairie-style homeschool girls, so figuring out this style thing is a chore. That’s one reason I love your blog–you take some of the guesswork out of it! 🙂

  8. So, do you all think my comfortable clogs are just plain and homely? I’m totally into the comfort overy style thing in footwear-but I don’t want to look totally out of it.

    Totally unrelated question.

    I’ve been wearing a plain navy sporty sort of LL Bean warm up coat for several years. I really need to find a better winter coat-I’ve realized that when I’m out and about running errands, shopping etc, no matter what I’m wearing most of the time all anyone sees is my pants and my goofy looking coat. I could be wearing the cutest outfit in the world, but they can’t see it. So I probably should shell out some money on a nice, warm, attractive coat. But even that isn’t my point (although you could probably write an entire post on that). My question is about purses.

    I’ve been carrying a red purse for the last year and a half. It’s backlash from being in the army for 11 years and only being authorized to carry a plain black purse with no logo etc. Anyway, again, most of the time when I’m out and about, all folks can see is my shoes, pants, navy coat and red purse. This makes me wonder, should I go for a purse that goes well with my coat? I saw some cute navy purses the other day (a color I probably wouldn’t have normally considered) or should I go for something that matches my typical shoe color (I tend to wear the clogs linked to above in either black or cordovon all winter) or does it matter?

    Another note-I’m a low maintenance gal, so I’m not likely to switch out purses to go with an outfit. I would change out to a small fancy purse for an extremely dressy outfit, but to be honest I probably only wear an extremely dressy outfit once every 2 years.

  9. Jenn –

    Shoes: good. They work for your idiom.

    Coat: You hit it! “I could be wearing the cutest outfit in the world, but they can’t see it.” I heard once that in Canada they just wear whatever underneath and express their style through a variety of coats (just opposite of what we normally do.)

    Purse: red is good. Red is such a great accent color that it almost ends up working like a neutral. Unintentionally I ended up with a purse (which I love) that matches my coat and … it’s kinda boring.

    Do those Danskos come in a red that matches your purse? I am really liking the shoes-as-accent idea right now.

    The other thing you could do would be to go with a neutral purse and a red coat.

    Hope that helps. And I can’t wait to see what kind of coat you come up with. I imagine it gets as cold there as it does here (the last few days have been between 0 and 16 degrees F).

  10. I haven’t gotten into the wedge heels yet. Hmmm. So number two would be my choice. :O)

    I updated you on my blogroll, and changed you from The Space Between My Peers to Between My Peers. It moves you up alphabetically. Would you prefer me keeping it the way it was?

  11. Thanks for asking Mary. Either way is fine. I elected to remain Between My Peers over at Coutorture because of the alphabetical thing.

    I do like those second ones. My daughter who is seriously thinking about getting the wedges in green has a very simple, casual style. They work for her.

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