Oct 212006

Remember last Spring when I said I hoped legwarmers would return to the fashion scene? Well, it seems they have; it’s only natural with the current knitting craze. Many thanks to Jenn for posting this link to ALOT of patterns.

Now if I only had the time and inclination to pick up the yarn and tools and actually knit some!

  2 Responses to “Legwarmer Knitting Patterns”

  1. Ah … if I could knit. Which I can’t. But I can crochet. Not that I actually have time just now … but winter’s coming!

  2. Well, I knew I had seen a tutorial somewhere about how to make legwarmers from the sleeves of sweaters. So I found it and it is posted in an article on my blog:

    No excuse now not to make some 🙂

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