Aug 012006

You may have noticed, if you visited my recent home tour, that my closet is rather small. Small, but it’s all mine. Consequently, I have no one but myself to blame for the fact that, until recently anyway, the aroma bore close resemblance to a boy’s locker room.

I’ve tried baking soda. I’ve tried dryer sheets. I’ve even tried car air fresheners. What works: I stuff my shoes with dryer sheets, plus a magic ingredient. Each dryer sheet has a drop or two of lavender essential oil added.

Lavender is also supposed to repel moths. Beats moth balls!

Oh yes, that’s right … it Works For Me!

  4 Responses to “The Sweet, Sweet Smell of Sneakers”

  1. It makes the moths sleepy…very, very sleepy…relax little moth! Go to your “Happy Place”…..

  2. Hey, that’s a good idea! Are you going to make it your Wednesday What Works for Me post?

  3. Oh the smell of hubby’s running shoes! Thanks for the tip!!

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