Jul 202006

As long as I’m dealing with old questions, and especially since this same favorite reader has since asked another question (more on that another time), it seems only appropriate to attempt to answer this one, originally posed back here:

So… if we (you and I) were to make two shopping trips a year, when might those be scheduled? I am envisioning a weekend together in that big city near me, with you flying in (my dime) and us hitting the shops. I could even bring a suitcase full of the clothes I plan to keep (you could tell me which ones I should, what do you call it? biff) If you take out the cost of hotel and food, how much $$ would I need to allocate? Spring and Fall? Coincide with any particular sale? It would be like “What Not to Wear” with 1/10th the budget.

My thoughts:

  • Yes! What fun!
  • When? September and April.
  • How many $$? One-third of your annual clothing budget per trip.
  • Readers help: Do you know the precise timing of any unbeatable sales?

Then the real trick is how to make sure you can wrap your spending plan around all the items you need.

Another post?

  2 Responses to “Dangling Questions”

  1. September? Really? I was going to go back to school shopping in late August, but I might hold off until mid-September… barring a few pieces to keep the kids feeling spiffy for the first little bit.

  2. I think the stores run sales on Juniors and Childrens in August and then, after the kids are back in school, run their sales for the moms. Career was kinda what I was thinking about more than BTS, in this post.

    In the past, though, I have done as you suggest: a few things for back to school and then fill in later in September. The tail-end of September is a fabulous time for clearance shopping, as well. 🙂

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