Jun 222006

Bear with me here, there is a connection …

The Biblical teaching on submission is a hard one in today’s feminist society. If you are not familiar with it, I invite you to look it up. Sometimes what makes it hard is the media-driven idea that men are meanies. And some are. Mine’s not. Indeed, most aren’t.

But why is it hard to submit even when it’s for our own benefit? Consider the following, all too common, scenario:

She says, “I’ve been thinking about getting _________ (insert your choice of item both affordable and advantageous; such as a robot vacuum, a pair of Chacos, or hi-speed internet).”

He says, “That’s a good idea; why don’t you go ahead and do that?”

Yes, indeed, why don’t we? I know I’m not the only smart one who thinks I have to scrutinize every decision for myself; I’ve talked to too many frugal moms who won’t buy themselves a pair of shoes, even when their husband wants them to.

Today’s one word sermon: Submit!

Oh, and the connection? It’s about to speed up!

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