Apr 042006

Since I can’t afford to actually win the contest and go to New York to style a photo shoot (alongside a celebrity fashion stylist) for ELLEgirl (they probably don’t want Mom anyway), I thought I would unveil my new posting concept with a mock entry to the 2006 TJMaxx “Be a Fashion Stylist” Contest.

1) Henri-V was curious what I would pair my new converse with, so I thought I would show what I will probably wear this Friday morning. It’s all about the shoes. (Did I mention they are brocade?)

Parenthetically, I am getting really frustrated trying to manage all this tech stuff with my limited skills. Certain information keeps disappearing (I am not going after that MOPS link one more time!) Before I throw my hands up in despair, I had better just fill this page with words.

2) Parenting Conference. Officially, I am just an attender. Unofficially, I am part of the leadership team. That’s the reason for the navy blazer; it’s more traditional than what I normally wear. ( Sara you’ll like this: the jacket was $1 at Value Village. Also, the red wedge clogs: free for volunteering at fund-raising garage sale!) Styling outfits beforehand is something I always recommend, but rarely get around to; this project is good discipline for me. This one needs something.

3) A friend asked me to blog about what to wear on Easter. I have touched briefly on it and will, no doubt, do so again in the next week or two, but here’s what I would be wearing, if I were not scheduled to work in the nursery. (I will be in church, but I don’t care to sit on the nursery floor in a dress.) Unless it is really cold, however, I would wear ivory patent sandals instead of boots. (I just didn’t want y’all to see the scraps of blue toe-nail polish left over from last summer.)

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  1. Hey – You’re track-jacket with jeans and Converse is pretty slick!

    And I like the Easter dress with tall boots — it’s kicky. I know you tend toward more classic pairings, though. 🙂

  2. I’m glad you like the track-jacket look. It’s so comfortable, but it’s old, so I keep thinking I need to get rid of it.

    Maybe I’ll wear the Easter dress this Sunday.

    Thanks for sharing!

  3. […] So the first outfit you see pictured here, which originally appeared in the first post I did on posting my outfits prior to events, is what I am thinking about wearing tomorrow night. For Saturday, I may choose this sweater, from my fashion lab on jeans tucked into knee-high boots. Which is looking really good to me right now, with the white stuff lightly falling outside my window. […]

  4. […] Whenever I go out in these, my brocade Converse Chuck Taylors, I receive compliments. Recently someone said it looked like they took the nicest couch fabric and made a pair of Chucks out of them. LOL. (See what they look like with the original laces back here.) […]

  5. […] since what we are talking about here is what to wear for Easter, I will certainly leave that choice to you, the reader, and what works for your own particular […]

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