Clients Say the Nicest Things


Kind words, aka testimonials:

“Thank you for the basics. I couldn’t be doing this without that… I know what I’m looking for now, when I go shopping! I was lost before. Now it’s so much fun being creative!

Every day has become a fashion show!! My husband loves it and he is my consultant!”

Anita W. (click for before and after photos)

“Thank you for this wealth of information! I can tell you know what you’re talking about, I’m super impressed! The clothing suggestions make sense and I can see exactly what you’re talking about. For once, I feel excited about the next time I shop for clothes now that I have this arsenal of info regarding what suits my shape and proportions best.”

Gracie K.

“This is lovely. Thanks for spending time with me and helping me think about my style in a new way. I am more sparkly and would love to figure out how to incorporate more of it into my everyday life. Just that one scarf trick has helped.”

Teresa B.

“Rebecca considered my tastes and opinions while interjecting her knowledge and expertise. I actually had fun on this shopping trip (and I hate shopping for clothes). I now feel more confident in my own ability to choose clothing. My goals and expectations were exceeded! We were successful in finding 12 pieces that work together to give me a number of outfits.”

Lynn S.

“I felt so comfortable with Rebecca. I felt safe and relaxed and enjoyed the process.”

“… all of the explanations throughout the session will transfer to making my own outfits!”

“You definitely helped me identify some ‘themes’ in my choices.”

“I enjoyed the color analysis so much & am looking forward to receiving my personal palette!”

“So fun. Better than expected. Got great ideas.”

“A really great help.”

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