Dec 222015


  1. Being ENFJ, I am seriously disconnected from my own preferences. While it may seem counterintuitive, it is actually easier for me to help you to access your own aesthetic preferences than it is to identify my own. And that is what I do. 🙂
  2. Not only that, it is much easier to see the patterns in someone else then in yourself. It’s probably a riff on the old “forest for the trees” idea.
  3. Most people have the good sense to, when they understand what will work for them, just go out and buy it! I struggle with that.
  4. Although I look kind of medium, I have at least as many fit issues as anybody. In fact, I’m not sure I have had a client whose proportions were as challenging as mine.
  5. And the biggie: after I help you discover the elements of your signature style, you will have the tools to look like your best self. And you should like your look better than you like the look of my best self.

Sometimes I don’t think I look like what a Stylist is “supposed” to look like. But, more and more, I look like myself.

Oct 262015

It happens all the time: one stylist says anyone can wear neon; another says no one should. Or, from the world of nutrition, one doctor says brown rice is best, another white rice is better, some say either, and others neither. So here are common sense strategies you can use to sort through conflicting expert advice and decide for yourself what to do.

  1. What has been your experience? For example, I don’t need a nutrition expert to tell me not to eat cornbread when I have a physical reaction to it like I did recently.
  2. What does your intuition suggest? Your aesthetic  instincts are a powerful tool. If you have always liked boot cut pants, or whatever else, chances are there is a real reason.
  3. What did our ancestors do? In nutrition, this is the basis for the Paleo movement; in fashion, looks typically go classic because of good design.

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Using any of these strategies is likely to return better, quicker, and more positive results than alternatives like more research or asking all your friends. And there is a fourth, bonus strategy:

  • What does the Bible say? You may, of course, insert an alternate sacred text here. When in doubt, try to remember to use this one. Because experts are often proved wrong, or right, when it’s just too late.