Nov 202013

So last week this little vintage boutique, Carousel, which is less than a block from the hero’s office and which, I am sorry to admit, I had never been into before, had this huge inventory blow-out sale.  Nothing was over $10.

Because I was in the throes of trying to deal with my afore-mentioned current wardrobe challenge, I was disinclined to spend time looking at vintage.  But I am glad I did! I found this white cotton, sleeveless maxi dress. I almost just bought it without trying on, it is so “me”.
white cotton sleeveless maxi And on the way home I remembered my daughter wanted to dress up as Lot’s wife for Bible Character Night! Lol

Shop the Designer Clearance at NORDSTROM. Up to 40% and free shipping and returns on every order.

When I examined my doubt that I would find anything at Carousel, I realized that vintage is not a core component of my style idiom. Is vintage a hit or miss with you?

Nov 052013

I always feel like a bit of a poseur when I neglect to take note of the half-yearly sale at Nordstrom; it’s a bit like forgetting that it’s Election Day.  Perhaps I should reward myself for remembering to turn in my ballot by going shopping tomorrow.

Not unlike voting, though, shopping can also be done from home now. And here is as good a place as any to start: Save up to 40% during the Half-Yearly Sale for Women & Kids at NORDSTROM. Plus, get free shipping and free returns on every order.

Are you voting or shopping today?

Oct 032013

So, I confess I have been MIA when it comes to the blog: last week I was busy designing and painting, this week I have been shopping.  Since the show is set in the present, these many years of thrifting and bargain-hunting have been the perfect preparation!

And since I am “working”, I feel like I need have an excuse to dress a little bit professionally. 😉

So, this is what I wore today. It was 40 degrees here this morning, and sunny. First stop: Salvation Army, where I received compliments on my watch, earrings, and leather skirt. After that, I went to Nordstrom Rack and a young mom with stroller loved my tights. Generating compliments wherever I went, it seemed, I finally couldn’t stand the cashmere sweater anymore and, at the risk of looking like a waitress, went into Walmart without it. “I love your outfit!”, said the lady who walked in at the same time as me 🙂tux short, leather skirt, striped tights, sweater.jpg

Aug 172013

Great things to shop for this time of year:

Fall professional clothing: Work Your Wardrobe at! Offer valid 8/12 – 8/31
Bedding: Save 50-60% off select comforters at! Offer valid  8/12 – 8/18
Back to school: Select Surf & Skate T-Shirts – 2 for $34 (Regularly $20-$25) at! Offer valid 8/12 – 8/18
Outerwear: The North Face – Explore the newest styles for Fall at! Offer valid 8/12 – 11/2

Happy shopping!

Jul 192013

Last night was the first of a series of fundraisers benefitting Lilac City Performing Arts, a new theater in Spokane for which I will be designing the first season’s costumes.  My role in this event?  Lol.  I was a “sequesterer”.  Because one of the performers was under 21, I got to sit in the green room all night and make sure nobody snuck drinks in to him!  The alternative had been to get a liquor server’s license and pour drinks, but I was pretty sure I am too awkward for that 😉

white piqué shift dress

  • Why this outfit was perfect:
  • It was 100 degrees out and this is crisp and cool cotton piqué.
  • I don’t wear black, so a little white dress is a great sub.
  • I had never been to this bar/club before, so I had no idea of the level of formality.  All I knew was that the director of the event generally dresses on the formal side and that my role is that of a theater professional.

Why it wasn’t perfect:  the green room was FREEZING!

I was thankful I had tucked a little cotton sweater into my bag.  However, there is a story behind why said sweater didn’t come home with me:

 On the way to my car after the event, a lady asked for spare change.  We declined.  She then complimented my sweater and, yes, I took it off and gave it to her.  Surprised myself more than a little.

In the promotional video for Lilac City Performing Arts, which I will post here when I figure it how to get it out of Facebook, I make a comment about building community by hanging out with people from whom we are different. More on that to come!

Jul 082013

Technically more “fashion hack” than “upcycled”, this bright and cheerful top is the perfect partner for Barbie pink sateen Bermudas.

image1.jpgWhat I did:

  1. Bought a sleeveless silk dress for $1 because the fabric is fun.
  2. Decided multicolored, multi-sized polka dots was too busy for a whole dress
  3. Put dress in bin for months on end, all the while thinking, “that dress would make such a cute peplum top with those pink Bermuda shorts that are just too much with almost anything else.”
  4. Cut out part of the lining and used it for something else
  5. Thought about how cute a headscarf out of this print would be
  6. Finally pulled the dress out, hacked off the bottom, gave it a rolled hem, and discovered that the fabric has almost-imperceptible holes in it, so it is definitely going to be a short-lived, just-for-fun piece
  7. Didn’t like the lines of the leftover lining, so I cut it out and put on a tank top.

Then I wore it! 🙂

May 212013

At Amazon, not for Amazon(s). 😉

Speaking of mother of the bride dresses, bridesmaid dresses, etc.; as we have been quite frequently in our home in this season; did you know that Amazon has quite a nice selection?  Many are reasonably priced, the site is fairly easy to search, and – my favorite – students get a free year of amazon prime, which covers shipping on most items!  A friend found the above lovely and affordable option.

I will return in future to the topic of mother of the bride dresses to discuss etiquette and tradition.

May 152013

image7.jpgimage6.jpgI’ve been shopping for a dress.  A mother-of-the-bride dress. I don’t have forever.  I found one online at the black and white store, but I don’t really think I should have to pay $160. So, what I am working on today: cutting off this long, gunmetal gray skirt (purchased NWT at thrift years ago for $1, worn by me several times, loaned to a friend for an event, and even used in a show).  Using the leftovers to build a top, I am trying to recreate a style similar to the dress pictured.

Lol.  Perfectionist Me thinks I should wait till it is finished to post, but Amusing Me thinks it is more fun to post now.  Suggestions, comments, snide remarks?