Jul 092015

Imagine this scenario: you are at a festive gathering, one might even call it a feast; your plate is loaded with delicious food; you turn back to grab one last thing to throw on top of your plate, and the whole thing slips and crashes to the ground! You are standing between turkey and dressing and everything else! Where to even start to clean it up?

I used this metaphor the other day to describe to my husband how I was feeling about my current, for the most part self-imposed, obligations. And it reminded me of my first blog post: Between Turkey and Dressing (November 2006).

Alot has changed in my life and in social media since then. And I am sensing more changes for me, including how I manage this blog. Summer is a great time to reflect and create (even though it may take longer), and that is the need I find myself faced with. As well as a little clean-up. 😉

For my regular readers, I offer this explanation. If you are new here, I hope you will enjoy poking around. Until next post, revision, or iteration, my clients and family are getting the first and best of my creative energy. 

Happy Summer!



Aug 192014

Quote from 12

“Heat of color can’t be judged well by eye because it’s totally relative. Saturation is hopeless to judge in a human. That leaves darkness level, so it’s over-emphasized.

Isn’t that the truth? And not just the DIYers. I believe I have mentioned a time or twenty-five thousand that I had a “professional” color analysis many years ago from which I am still recovering . Of course, back then it was much simplified. Over simplified. If one had dark hair, the choices were autumn and winter.

Since reading Zyla’s book , I have known I was a spring. (Actually, I thought I was a spring when I first read Color Me Beautiful – because of the shiny gold.) But, I admit I am having trouble assimilating the truth.

This last weekend, I spent some quality time with my own color analysis selectors and palettes. I had to conclude: Bright Tinted. Basically, spring with a hint of winter. Straight up warm, bright colors, tinted with a tiny bit of white.

Then I went shopping at Kohl’s (40-60% off Sportswear for misses, petites and women. Select styles. 8/20-8/27). I should take my own advice more often! I got four pieces for just over $25! The colors? Coral pink, bright cyan blue, hot pink, and a multi-bright abstract print. Seeing myself in the mirror in the dressing room really drove home the reality of my colors.

Carla recommends we take photographs in the dressing room. Here are a few I took:



And for comparison, a photo of a cute dress I got at Value Village, NWT, for $1. These softer colors are okay, other people are very complimentary when I wear them, but it just isn’t as interesting. And I feel I should be interesting 😉

May 162014

Enchanted Sleeping Beauty opens tonight. In the rhythm of designing costumes, that makes today a version of a “sabbath“. Before I move on to establishing a new schedule, with new seasonal rhythms and projects, I will take a “day of rest”. Last night, I watched the final dress rehearsal/preview performance as a sort of spiritual discipline: for the purpose of enjoying my work. I enjoyed the work of all the other artists as well!

Women’s – Top Deals For The Week

What I wore:

I got this beaded tank at Union Gospel Mission Thrift for $1, with the tags and spare beads still attached. Lol. Unfortunately, I caught myself with the open end of my pen pressed against it last night!


After talking about it for the past few years, I have recently made a concentrated effort to wear headbands. This one connects to the “Briar Rose” idiom of the show.


The whole outfit. What I can’t figure out: Why do my legs look longer when I cuff the pants at ankle length?

And why do the pictures change orientation in the process of posting?

Apr 242014

Lol. I thought I had biffed this dress, which I have had forever, because it always seemed a little too open (to cover the “straps”) in the neckline. Lo and behold, I found it in my studio, buried in a tub of personal “some day” projects. When faced with the decision of what to wear to a spring funeral, it was this short-sleeved, green, silk-blend sweater dress or a suit. And the neckline lay perfectly!


The weather went back and forth, so I threw on this fabulously flattering, casually comfortable, astonishingly affordable sweater ($15 at either Ross, TJMaxx, or Marshall’s, can’t remember which). My rain boots seemed appropriate for going to the graveside, and they coordinate so my trench and rain hat.


At the graveside, I overheard a bit of conversation between some of the well-dressed women:


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Feb 062014

Wrapping up this week on body image, I present a “Throwback Thursday” re-run on the topic. For the record, the comments largely support the idea that people carry their early body image with them through life, although most believe it is probably established in the early teen years, not by age ten. 

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Christine brought up this provocative question, during our conversation on apparent body size:

One interesting thing I did read was that your body image is set at age 10 for girls. So, if you were a heavy ten year old you could be a very slim adult and still “see” yourself as heavy. In reverse, you could be slim as a ten year old (me) and always see yourself as slimmer than you are (I’m always looking for belts and fitted dresses that don’t work with my expanded waist.

Does anyone else find that to be true?

My own random observations:

  • I must have been a pretty normal sized 10 year old.  Mom?
  • This theory might explain some things.  Slim girls who complain about being fat are the ones who get the attention, but I’ve wondered why it seems there are some who are overweight and don’t seem to realize it.
  • OTOH, there are some ladies who I think might be packing around an extra roll or two, who are actually quite slim.
  • Most importantly, I advise highly against introducing fashion magazines until a young lady’s body image is well established, say in the later teen years.

How does your current body image compare with your size as a ten year old?

Jan 222014

This post is not really a response to all the “Be Kind to Your Introvert” stuff that is going around these days …

On my way out of the gym today, I was thinking about how joining the YMCA was and is an answer to many years of prayer. Although my official purpose is to build the muscle I will need to maintain an active old age, it is also a source of enough social contact to sustain life AND an activity level which is rehabilitating my neck and shoulders – and allowing me to resume blogging!  Odd as it sounds, I enjoy talking to strangers.

Sale on Women’s Swimwear – Starting at $14! Valid 1/19-1/25

One of my recent, random locker room conversations involved swimwear. There are only really two common fabrics used in swimwear; swimmers know that a suit of polyester fabric will hold up to the deterioration caused by constant exposure to chlorine. Of course, my really expensive, and really cute, Eddie Bauer suit is nylon and spandex which seems to me a healthier fabric choice, since nylon breathes.
My conclusion:

buy an inexpensive, modest, polyester suit for the gym
stylish, spandex, swim separates for the sun.

What is your swimwear strategy? 

Jan 142014

Ready-to-wear clothes look best on a woman blessed with the body-type of a fashion model.

No-brainer, right? I have read that so many times and heard that for so many years I don’t even remember where the idea came from. Recently I have thought again.

We demand inexpensive clothes. And there are only so many ways to save money in manufacturing. Cutting is one; if a garment can be made slightly skimpier, it may be possible to get more of them from the bolt.

$9.99 & Under Clearance – Shop Now at! Offer valid 1/13 – 1/31

My hypothesis:
RTW clothes are manufactured to fit the woman of average height and balanced proportions.

The average American woman is 5’4″. For me, I am already in trouble somewhere on my body because I am two inches taller. According to The Triumph of Individual Style , and based on the Golden Ratio concept, the easy-to-dress body is divided into eighths. For the average height, easy-to-dress woman, each segment – head, torso, legs, and the natural divisions thereof – would be a multiple of eight inches (8×8=64).

If one is longer or shorter than that in any segment, it can be a great inconvenience. For example, my rise is long by inches. Most of the time it causes no problem whatsoever; however, whenever leggings with a butt-covering sweater is the look, I am in trouble. OTOH, I am very thankful I never have to hem my jeans.

Have you thought about where you differ from the easy-to-dress body?

Dec 192013

Are you losing weight?  If at all possible, your bra should always fit. Perfectly.

Save 40% off Bras from Bali, Maidenform, Vanity Fair, Playtex, Warners, Olga, & more at Macy’s! Offer Valid 12.20 – 12.21

For every ten pounds or two inches around, depending on your body type, you will need a smaller size.  Evidently I have toned; although I have only lost about five pounds, my “bandwidth” has decreased. Complicating matters even more, I am sweating daily. I really needed to go shopping.  Is it just me or do these personal needs seem always to come up around the holiday shopping season?

Thankfully, I think this size will be the last stop for me, but I sympathize with those of you who are repeatedly needing a smaller size. To be honest, in that situation I would probably cut some corners in the laundry and just wear them out faster.  It is worth it! Nothing enhances a woman’s figure like a perfectly-fitting bra.