Apr 172015

So, I have been having a ball, but also wearing myself out – in a good way. Alot is going on behind the scenes. As I have been working my tail off this week, I have also been thinking – the hero says that is my greatest strength πŸ˜‰ – especially about how I can be most helpful.

One conclusion: There are some categories of high-value items that I seem to have a skill for finding, like fun leather jackets and cashmere sweaters; I may think of some others. In addition to continuing to offer coordinated outfits, I will start posting some of those items too. You might as well benefit from my finds.

(I know it is not sweater season, but it will be again. Did you know you can put your sweaters in the freezer to keep the moths out? And I wash my cashmere sweaters all the time – just don’t dry them.)

Eventually, I would love to offer mini-capsule wardrobes. Do you think that would be helpful?

Apr 132015

I’ve got that thrifty feeling. Literally. In the last week or so, I have added a little online thrift store (That Thrifty Feeling) to my life. Find it now in Facebook groups:, and Facebook page, and later at That Thrifty Feeling .com.

So, what does this mean for my other endeavors? I will still see clients for personal style coaching, but – truthfully – I haven’t been as busy with that as I would like.  And, while I had been considering  increasing my posting schedule here, I don’t think that’s going to happen. 

So, The Space Between My Peers will continue more or less as it has been: shortish posts containing useful and technical information aimed at people who have to get dressed every day πŸ˜‰

This week, this will probably be the only post to show up here. In order to perform the technical work of adding thatthriftyfeeling.com and SSL and a cart to  my domain, this site will have to be down for three days. Hope to see you on Facebook!

Mar 192015

image In studying to become certified as a personal stylist, I have discovered a number of areas where what I understood was almost, but not quite, right. Hence, the throwback Thursday post, where I bring back an old article and correct the concepts in it and which I am foregoing this week in favor of this.

Lately I’ve been working on my taxes and, in getting into my files, have noticed alot of the garments I have bought over the last year are not still in use. In other words, once I got serious about buying myself some clothes, I still made mistakes! Thankfully, most of those mistakes were fairly low investment, purchased at thrift or some super-clearance, which brings me to the topic of Thredup ( basically, an online thrift store). When I sent my daughter the info, she went shopping!

Tie dye topPeach cotton tunicPrint topOrange silk topSilk floral top
For about $100, she got everything pictured here. Sorting by percent off seems to yield the best results (not having to look at pages of $3.99 tank tops before getting to something more interesting).

Mar 042015

IMG_3651.JPGI love wearing dresses. Simply put, they are the easiest way to have a coordinated outfit. The challenge, for many women, is fit: A dress must fit both top and bottom, unlike separates which can be purchased in different sizes as needed. 

Enter Eshakti. Although they do sell standard sizes, for the bargain price of $7.50 your garment can be made to your measurements. Included in the customization fee are some options for modification such as changing the neckline, the hem, and/or the sleeve length. You might expect the prices to be high but they are not; they are moderate. For example, the dress pictured was $79.95; I have also ordered a wool dress for around $100. They do run sales and they don’t sell only dresses.

Initially, what got me to look into eShakti was a post on another blog to which I subscribe recommending them as a good resource for cotton. When I got to their site, I was pleasantly surprised to see that below each tile, as you scroll through their offerings, is the fiber content; they don’t bury it in the FinePrint. The dress pictured is cotton.

(I was so excited about eShakti that I joined their affiliate program. If you order via the links or ad on my website, they will pay me a small commission.)

FREE Customization on ALL first time orders! Casual Chic! Shop www.eShakti.com
Register now and get $25 OFF your first order

Now, a little bit about the outfit: this is what I wore to CYT Spokane’s production of Honk! at the Bing Crosby Theater last weekend. And to church on Sunday. With slightly different accessories, I will wear it tomorrow evening to the hero’s annual company party. I call that automation! πŸ˜‰


Jan 202015

In recent client conversations, riffs on the following came up:

I want more (insert design concept or color) in my wardrobe, but instead I keep buying …

Believe me, I get that! Some things are easier for an individual to fit and/or find, such as when I buy another basic cashmere crewneck when what I really need to find is a more interesting winter top.

But that is not the whole story. As human beings, we have an amazing ability to scan the horizon, interpret massive amounts of visual data, and select what is pertinent. Thus, when shopping, it is not unusual to dismiss a look without actually giving it consideration.

So, in these days of refining my own look and helping others to discover theirs, I am recommending the following practice:

practice scanning for things you know you want but don’t typically buy

Changing habits takes retraining the brain. Welcome, Captain Obvious, to the blog!

What are you working on retraining yourself to notice? I have a whole new custom color palette! (More on that to come…)

Jan 052015

… Or forever hold your peace. If not forever, at least until next season.

Yesterday morning I got up and put on a cashmere sweater. I wanted to wear something under it, for any number of reasons not the least of which is to keep from having to wash it frequently, and I had nothing. The thought went through my head,

I should just go somewhere that has longsleeved T-shirts and buy a bunch of them

A little bit later, the hero wanted to do some grocery shopping – as usual πŸ˜‰ – and we went somewhere that also sells clothes. It is not where I usually shop for clothes, but I was able to find a small wardrobe of longsleeved T-shirts: white and bright pink crewnecks, cream and violet scoopnecks. Two neutrals and two colors. On clearance. The pickin’s were slim, but at least I got some before they were all gone for the season.

January is the ideal time to stock up on basics. In my idiom, long-sleeved T-shirts are not a fashion staple; they are underwear. Suggestion: take the time this week to inventory your winter basics. Then make a plan for replenishing them. πŸ™‚

Dec 232014

So, lately I’ve been musing on the question:

why is it so much harder than it used to be to find time for shopping?

If you have thoughts on that, I would love to hear them! In the meantime, I wanted to comment on Rachel Cruze’s video blog Stay Fashionable on a Budget. I love her strategy! Here it is, in a nutshell: She only shops at three cheap stores and three nicer stores and at the nicer stores she only shops sales.

This is not alot different from most of what I have talked about before, just a little more refined. To customize this strategy even further, you could select stores based on your style essence and group your stores in a cluster (aka a shopping loop). (I would add, as an option: three thrift or resale shops, stops that fit easily with your normal routine. For me, Value Village is right around the corner from the gym and the new Goodwill is on the way in/out of the Trader Joe’s parking lot.)

So, since my big weakness seems to be talking about theories and strategies while failing to apply them, I am going to push myself to name my stores.

Three cheap stores, one parking spot:

  • H & M
  • Forever 21 (I may change my mind about that one, based on the MUSIC)
  • JCPenney

Three nicer stores, one parking spot (unfortunately, paid):

  • Nordstrom
  • Ann Taylor
  • the black & white store

Coming up with this list leads me to other questions: should I establish any sort of a schedule? If I do, will I shop less or more? Does it make sense to focus more on one loop than the other depending on what my current wardrobe needs are?

And what would your three (times two) stores be?

Dec 192014

By now you have probably heard that Pantone announced its 2015 Color of the Year: Marsala. When I saw that, my first thought was “not for me, thanks!” Then I thought, “somebody who is a better style blogger than I will undoubtedly do a “How to Wear Marsala” post. Find that here.

While I think that alot of that particular shade would be tough for me to wear, I can see it on quite a few of my friends and family. If you can wear that color lipstick, you should absolutely put a pair of Marsala shoes or boots on your shopping list! Women’s Boots & Shoes are now 50% off at Macys.com!! Shop now during our One Day Sale!! Valid 12/19-12/20

Nov 252014

If you view your wardrobe as an investment (the value of which, in light of the 8 Challenge discussion, is now in question) it pays to be aware of trends. One trend to watch right now is that of fit. Looser, flowier fits are trending; all too soon, I predict, alot of what I have been wearing will look too tight. (For details on how to wear … slouch at youlookfab.

macys.com(Remember in 1990 how everyone wore the same size T-shirts: XL? I remember laughing heartily when the cosmetic department manager stumbled upon a box of old promotional tees, probably left over from the 70s. They looked ridiculously dated, although I could wear one now without raising an eyebrow.)

This came into play today when I was in the sweater department at Ross. A couple of other ladies were looking at sweaters and one of them was debating back-and-forth between the small and the medium. She really didn’t want to try it on. Turning to me, she asked tentatively whether I thought the (acrylic) sweater would shrink. Nosy as I am, I had been itching to advise her to just buy the bigger one anyway πŸ˜‰

I admit: this is not my favorite part of the fashion cycle. The trick to wearing a looser fit is to maintain the silhouette; in my case, that means maintaining some slimness through the midsection. It is, perhaps, a great time to embrace the perennial advice:

slouchy on top, structured on bottom; fitted on top, flowy on bottom

In other words, pick one or the other; loose all-over looks too much like PJs πŸ˜‰

Nov 072014

IMG_3053.JPGFull disclosure: I am not affiliated with Fabletics, although I think I can put a link here that would give me a referral fee.

This is another tip from the locker room. Well, not technically from the locker room, but the actual exercise studio. One of my co-sweaters (an inverted triangle with a high hip) was wearing this really cool top that created an X at her waist in the back. It was so flattering! That is how I learned about Fabletics, the subscription site for quality athletic wear, (Kate Hudson, founder). Before I even went to the site, I was ready to sign up; because if I buy the clothes, I will look like Kate Hudson when I’m exercising, right? πŸ˜‰

Seriously, folks, it is the ease and affordability, the automation factor, if you will, that appeals to me.

How it works:

For as little as $25, you can get your first complete outfit when you become a member (mine was $35). There’s a little quiz that’s actually building your profile, then they give you recommendations. Unfortunately, the quiz isn’t detailed enough to for everyone to receive recommendations as spectacular and specific as my friend did; I still needed to know what works with my silhouette and proportions. And be warned: once you go through the quiz, the clock starts ticking and you have one hour to shop and join. I don’t know that failing to finish in the allotted time precludes joining later; I just would have done the quiz after looking around rather than first if I had known.

(Fabletics referral link)

Here’s where the automation comes in (the fine print):

  1. Shop Your Outfits – On the 1st of each month, we’ll send you outfits selected just for you and your workouts. Complete outfits start at just $49.95 for VIP Members, a savings of up to 40%.
  2. Buy or Skip – Purchase the outfits you love, or if nothing catches your eye, simply skip the month by the 5th.
  3. Accrue a Credit – If you don’t make a purchase or skip the month by the 5th, you’ll be charged $49.95 for 1 member credit on the 6th. Each member credit can be redeemed for 1 outfit β€” use it to shop anytime.

Honestly, exercise clothes are a great candidate for automation: they are less complicated to fit, they need to be replaced more often, and I just don’t want to have to put alot of creative effort into being appropriately dressed at the gym. (But I do try to be well-dressed everywhere I go.) I don’t plan on buying every month (nor does anyone else I talked to), but at these prices I could see getting a new outfit once every two or three months.

I hear the quality is good. When I experience it for myself, I will confirm. Btw, there are a ton of reviews on the Fabletics site, so I have a feeling I am a little bit behind on this one.