Jun 272017

Are you starting to wonder whether a personal stylist could help you?  If so, you are not alone; there is a massive movement toward popularizing the use of styling services.

(OTOH,  I have just about given up using the term “stylist” because 95% of the people I talk to interpret that as Doing Hair. LOL)

Here is what is not immediately obvious about stylists (or style services) and their philosophies:

  1. Some want to do as much as possible for you and/or with you (shopping, packing, sorting, etc.). They act as a kind of a servant, in the best possible way.
  2. Others, often gifted artists, want to share their vision. Functionally more of a guru or an authority, they can tell you exactly what to wear and what to buy.
  3. Still others are motivated to help you connect with your own artistic vision. Working with them is like seeing a counselor, less a quick fix and more a journey of self-discovery.

While many stylists will try to market themselves as multiple of the above types, I think we are all fundamentally most aligned with one approach.   You can easily see how a misalignment between a stylist’s philosophy and  your reasons for hiring them could produce alot of frustration! Ack!  I can also easily see how I have frustrated some clients 🙁

Some quick thoughts (#thinkingoutloud) on how to align your goals and a stylist’s philosophy:

  1. If your goal is an updated and appropriate wardrobe and you don’t want to spend your time shopping, hire a servant-type stylist. If your budget is less, consider a shopping subscription service.
  2. If you just want someone to tell you what to do, book an analysis with a guru-type stylist. Try to get a personal shopping outing so you can learn how to use their vision and guidelines.
  3. If your goal is a signature style, or if you are an artist, or possibly if you have body image issues; you will want a stylist who takes the counselor approach. Expect to constribute to the styling process.

Furthermore, you can gain alot by working with more than one stylist in the course of your life. After all, stylists have different skill sets and human beings are always changing.

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May 252017

When I go to get my haircut, I use a book online service offered by my salon. I love it! I can poke around and see what options are available and then select what works best for me. Meanwhile, I have been finding the scheduling of my own client appointments can be a burdensome process of telephone tag or emailing back-and-forth. Hopefully, all that is about to change.

Now, friends, you can search my schedule and book your own appointment.

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For the time-being, I am using Acuity’s free scheduler; if it works well, I can upgrade and add more features. Let me know what you think!

Feb 272017

As promised, I have simplified my offerings. This actually does not represent a price increase, just consolidation of services, but I do expect prices to go up later this year. In the meantime, I just can’t stop trying to think of ways to make this life-changing information available to everyone.

If you can’t get to Spokane or you can’t afford to do anything right now, do this: start scanning the world for beauty.  Do the following exercise for your own benefit.

The “homework” for the Essential Color Palette Discovery: collect between six and ten images you find compellingly beautiful from an aesthetic, as opposed to sentimental, standpoint. These can be landscapes, interiors, animals, art, or anything else other than clothes. Invite me to view these on Pinterest or in a Facebook album, or simply email the images or links to me several days prior to our appointment.

Pictured, a snippet of mine.

Oct 162015











In her own words, 4+ months after her Style Lines Analysis:

“Rebecca, I know I told you about the documentary Iris, but you MUST MUST MUST check out the documentary Advanced Style. It’s all about a bunch of geezer women in NY who have become flamboyant dressers! It’s very inspirational… There is also a blog by the same guy! I’m telling you, I’m looking forward to old age now and I wasn’t before!

Thank you for the basics. I couldn’t be doing this without that… I know what I’m looking for now, when I go shopping! I was lost before. Now it’s so much fun being creative! I have to tell you I needed both. Your advice and the inspiration from these creative, artistic women!!

Every day has become a fashion show!! My husband loves it and he is my consultant!



Would you like to show more personality in your look without spending your life shopping? Perhaps the Style Lines Analysis is the boost you need! For under $100 American, you can learn the basics about your best clothing shapes and proportions. Contact me for instructions on how to order.

Jun 042015

What I mean by the question “are you a builder or an editor?” is

  • Are you the type of person who buys alot of clothes, but needs help knowing what to keep and what to toss (and maybe how to put it together)? If so, you may be a builder.
  • OR

  • Is it easy for you to see what isn’t working and get rid of it, except for the fact that eventually you would be left with nothing to wear? If this is you, you may be an editor.

Lately I have been thinking about the best place for my clients to start in their process of discovering their signature style. One school of thought would be to start with the color analysis, which begins with a consultation in my home studio after which the individualized palette is made in California and shipped to the client. This starting point very much fits the editor, the minimalist, and the individual with a strong sense of what shapes and styles she likes to wear – almost a uniform, so to speak.

Knowing what styles I would recommend is mentioned by about half of people who express interest in image consulting services. Usually these ladies have larger wardrobes. Is it too great a leap to draw the conclusion that a builder may want to start with a closet consultation? My initial closet consultations include a style line analysis.

Obviously (or perhaps not), both of these services necessitate us being in the same space physically. For distance clients, though, just the style line analysis provides 126 gallons (the hero recently discovered in an old, old engineering manual the unit of measurement “butt” – so, a “buttload” is not what you think) of valuable information about the shapes and proportions that work best for you. Now, thanks to a suggestion from a lovely client, I will also include a brief follow-up call. Because, truthfully, the style line analysis is alot of technical information to absorb.

If you could have one free service, which would you choose? Btw, have you heard of eshakti? I know regular readers of this blog have, but I have been surprised how many of my friends and acquaintances irl haven’t. Register now and get $25 OFF your first order. Free Customization of your first order!

Apr 172015

So, I have been having a ball, but also wearing myself out – in a good way. Alot is going on behind the scenes. As I have been working my tail off this week, I have also been thinking – the hero says that is my greatest strength 😉 – especially about how I can be most helpful.

One conclusion: There are some categories of high-value items that I seem to have a skill for finding, like fun leather jackets and cashmere sweaters; I may think of some others. In addition to continuing to offer coordinated outfits, I will start posting some of those items too. You might as well benefit from my finds.

(I know it is not sweater season, but it will be again. Did you know you can put your sweaters in the freezer to keep the moths out? And I wash my cashmere sweaters all the time – just don’t dry them.)

Eventually, I would love to offer mini-capsule wardrobes. Do you think that would be helpful?

Mar 232015

On the Entreleadership podcast today, one of the featured interviews was with Bob Burg, author of The Go-Giver. When I heard the following list, I hit pause, rewound, and made note.

Five elements of value

  1. Excellence
  2. Consistency
  3. Attention
  4. Empathy
  5. Appreciation

Chewing on this, it occurred to me that these elements, or their lack, probably constitute the primary reasons women don’t seek help with their looks. Remember when I had my virtual makeover? I was sincerely surprised that Carla Mathis (one of the premier image masters in the world) and Erin Mathis (another highly-skilled stylist) were able to suggest anything to which I connected. But they did. I value empathy. What I didn’t expect was for anyone to understand what it was like to be me enough to suggest what I should wear. 

Since beginning this journey from homeschool mom to blogger to personal stylist, I have become aware that many women don’t value, or understand, how a stylist can help. I didn’t get it either. But now, almost everyday, I see women beginning to experience more fun and less hassle with their clothes.
What qualities would you particularly value in the person you trust to help you with your look?

Mar 052015


Yesterday I got my hair cut. After studying a multitude of factors impacting hairstyle, doing some hairstyle design consultations for clients, and getting the expert input from My Virtual Makeover (for which my hair is not yet long enough), I finally stopped long enough to crank through the considerations myself. It took the better part of two days.

ALOT goes into hairstyle design. It is informed by each of my Essential Series of services.

Although it is only my second day with the haircut, I believe it is both more complicated and more flattering than what I would have come up with using the standard methods: asking a hairstylist or looking on Pinterest. Which, btw, I am finally on Pinterest (@rebeccamielke). 🙂

Feb 242015

Are you an accessories person? In my Essential Series of style services, I offer a Facial Themes Analysis to help with selecting accessories and defining the best prints. This image consulting service is available via email to clients in Spokane and around the world.

But you might be wondering, “What is a Facial Themes Analysis”? That’s reasonable. Using a photograph, I trace your face and then look for patterns. image. Repeating those patterns in your accessories will enhance your natural beauty. I also identify the scale of your features, and other artistic elements relating to necklines, accessories, and prints.

In this photo, shamelessly lifted from YouTube, you see a beautiful woman enhancing the triangle shapes in her face (see her lower eyelid?) with her v-neckline and her side bangs. Analyzing your face for line and shape is difficult, but ever-so-valuable in selecting the details you wear near it.