Apr 132015

I’ve got that thrifty feeling. Literally. In the last week or so, I have added a little online thrift store (That Thrifty Feeling) to my life. Find it now in Facebook groups:, and Facebook page, and later at That Thrifty Feeling .com.

So, what does this mean for my other endeavors? I will still see clients for personal style coaching, but – truthfully – I haven’t been as busy with that as I would like.  And, while I had been considering  increasing my posting schedule here, I don’t think that’s going to happen. 

So, The Space Between My Peers will continue more or less as it has been: shortish posts containing useful and technical information aimed at people who have to get dressed every day 😉

This week, this will probably be the only post to show up here. In order to perform the technical work of adding and SSL and a cart to  my domain, this site will have to be down for three days. Hope to see you on Facebook!

Apr 022015

imageSome good ideas don’t get old, they just get forgotten. Like this one from 4/24/2007. The point of this post originally was modesty; HOWEVER, I would add now that frequently the first balance point and the armpit will be at the same “latitude”, so to speak, making this tip even MORE useful.

Make it practical: why not check yours right now? Is the length of your face, from hairline to chin, equal to the length from chin to the center of the imaginary line from armpit to armpit? If so, then that is a good place for some element of yr neckline or accessories. 🙂

Btw, I never got used to the comments being reverse-ordered, so I changed them back. Hope the whole experiment wasn’t too annoying!

Use this trick to see if a neckline will be too deep for you, without having to try the top on.

My daughter figured this one out:

Mentally draw a horizontal line from armpit to armpit. Is the lowest part of the neckline above or below the line? Chances are if your neckline extends to below your armpits, you may be displaying more than the watching world cares to see.

One more way I can tell if something will work without getting undressed.


Feb 262015

I’m bringing back this accessory post from May of 2007 for Throwback Thursday because it goes hand-in-hand with the concept of the Facial Themes Analysis, which of course I did not know about when I initially wrote this.

Casually mentioning that dcrmom could use some fun earrings to anchor attention around her face when wearing the red top, I think I stumbled onto something. As highlighting the face is the most important task of any ensemble, there are probably lots of other ways to use accessories that can be added to my neckline advice to do the job.

Let’s just consider this brainstorming. I’ll go first:

  • Pendant necklace: one that hits at the proper balance point. Bonus if the pendant shape echoes the shape and/or color of the eyes.
  • Headband. In scale with the wearer’s facial features, color could be used to create a frame (by matching the top) or to focus attention on the eyes.
  • When selecting earrings, consider where the shape of the earring draws the eye. While I’m fond of more dangly earrings, but they may not tend to draw attention directly to my face as much as my daughter’s little tiny studs that mimic her “sparkles” (what I call freckles).

Okay, now it’s up to you embellishment people:  What are your best accessorizing tips?

Dec 162014

(Clearly I have fallen off my blogging routine! Sensing some changes coming, I will try to be more predictable in the new year; in the meantime, you can subscribe by email. If you still use email 😉 )


The first step on my official Color Training, although I have been successfully doing color analyses for awhile, is somewhat of a personal visual identity and attitude assessment. One of the early steps in that journey was collecting a pictorial history. Looking at pictures of myself from various stages and times of life and identifying how I feel about how I looked at the time has been a very productive process; if you struggle with self-acceptance on any level – and who doesn’t? – I thoroughly recommend it.

The Christmas season is a great time to get together with loved ones and look at pictures. Consider, after all the gifts are opened and before the post-frenzy letdown sets in, looking at pictures together – maybe even doing some scrapping.

Oct 212014

This tip brought to you from the locker room – as in, I am literally walking around talking into my phone in the otherwise empty locker room, where I first heard this tip:

if you want your self – manicure to last, use two coats of OPI topcoat

Since the key to the effectiveness of the above tip is letting it dry, I use the following closely-related system:

The next day:

  • I add a coat of quick-dry clear polish
  • followed by another coat of Seche Vite

If I successfully get this second coat on, the manicure will last me a week. And it is incredibly cheap! When it does go, it typically comes off in big chunks – like a whole nail at a time – which can be unsettling when you find it laying around 😉

Aug 072014

Ok, this cracks me up. When I initially ran this post in 2007 I received HEAPS of grief – nobody liked the semi-tuck! I did then and I still do, albeit not for everything. (Seen the Eddie Bauer catalog recently?)

Why it works: diagonals are great for fooling the eye and most women have a proportionately long rise.

The look pictured would be better if the color values were inverted.

When we ran our fashion lab on baby doll tops here, these were my favorite solutions for the problem of this season’s tops making the wearer look pregnant:

  1. If the top is short enough, wear something very slim and fitted under.
  2. Belt it, either high (I did that this past Sunday to wear to a show) or at the waist.
  3. Tuck it in.

This picture illustrate my favorite way to wear the loose-flowing top. imgp3456.JPG

Mar 132014

I pulled this post out of my first month of blogging, because of its illustration of the Gestalt principle of Figure and Ground; that is, how the eye differentiates between a figure and it’s background. It is reflecting on an event from December 1, 2005; but the principle is no different now, eight years on.
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Flashback to last Thursday, that is. I just can’t get over how slim and elegant some of the ladies looked at the event I attended. How they did it:

  • Each one created an outfit within her natural silhouette.
  • The ubiquitous notion that black makes everyone look slimmer really works for dimly lit evening affairs- but NOT for swimsuits!
  • Obvious reflective elements, like glued on little mirrors or glitter, caused their outlines to be less distinct.

Something else about this event that was fun: it was ladies only! No flashbacks to the high school dance, when you were all decked out and your date arrived in a sweater.

Nov 012013

Has anything in your closet failed to see action in the past year? Experts recommend biffing those items. But, since there seem to be exceptions to that rule, it is sometimes hard to follow through.

Reasons why an item may be languishing:

  • You don’t like it enough to wear it. In this case, definitely pass it on. A variation is when you wear it, you don’t feel like yourself or as good as when you wear your favorite things.  Honestly, isn’t this the reason the rule was created?
  • Or, alternatively, it doesn’t quite fit. The Internet is full of reasons why you should not keep stuff that doesn’t quite fit, and yet most of us do.  A variation is stuff you need different underwear to wear. Decide which it is, and then biff or shop!
  • The hardest reason to recognize, IMO: you have too many choices in that lifestyle category. If you haven’t worn it in a year, it may be your least favorite. Biff. The exception: if your favorites are wearing out, you may like this lonely piece better than buying new; especially given the fact that you probably need to put more effort into shopping for one or more of the other lifestyle categories.

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These are some reasons to adhere to the One Year Rule.
When do you break the rule and keep stuff you are not wearing?

Dec 202010

Fool-proof sign your outfit does not work:

On first sight, your courteous family member, friend, or acquaintance cannot keep their eyes from straying to an area other than your face.  Then they don’t say anything.  I generally discover the draw to be a point of greater contrast than that present in my natural coloring.

Never rely on compliments to establish whether a piece or an ensemble is flattering.  The reason?  For some odd reason, when people notice something that really grabs their attention way they tend to pop off with a compliment, whether they really like it or not.  In other words, kind words about your appearance could mean anything from, “I wish I looked that great!” to “What was she thinking?!?”

lol.  Merry Christmas!