Sep 112013

In honor of my approaching (50th) birthday, my sister invited me to visit her and attend this Friday’s Portland Fashion Week Ready-to-Wear Show.

What to wear?  Above all, nothing boring!  Also, nothing that feels labored.  Or matronly. Or too hot.  Or too cold.  You may call me Silverilocks 😉  Currently atop my list of possibilities is the simple white cotton dress I posted about wearing a couple of months ago.  The LAST thing I want to do is to spread the “always a new outfit” virus; repeating this dress, but with different accessories, is perfect.

How I am taking a white cotton dress into fall:

    close up of dress with 5 different pins at neckline

  • With boots.  Vintage brown suede is what I am thinking.
  •  And a scarf.  Because my sister gave me this really cool, made in Portland, multi-color, flocked texture, brown scarf.  If I can’t stand to wear it in my hair, it will be a bracelet.
  • And a DIY jeweled collar, made of Premier Designs Jewelry pins. My daughter, the jeweler, is also going.

I also think three considerations suggest the white:

  1. White is a color that I feel is personal for me, like many women like black.  I also LOVE brown and white together.
  2. White is now, in terms of fashion rather than season.
  3. Nobody likes to be restricted by fashion legalism anyway.

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I am curious, though, since the magazines have recently declared the little white dress a staple, who’s been wearing one besides me?  How about the little red dress for fall?

Jul 032013

Here in The Great Northwest, summer weddings are often outdoor events; therefore, it makes sense to me to have a colorful cotton dress on hand which can be worn with low-heeled, dressy wedges or sandals in the event I am invited to a wedding.yellow print sleeveless dress

I found this dress for $20 at TJMaxx. (I didn’t buy it cuz I fund it when I was still looking for the MoB dress.). If I were planning on attending any weddings as a guest this summer, I might choose a dress like this. I always bring the same gift (a particularly interesting cookbook).

I get that some people don’t like color; I just don’t want to see people wearing blah colors to weddings just cuz they think they have to in order to be appropriate. For those who typically wear only neutrals, black and white print is a festive option.

What do you like to wear to a wedding?

Jun 282013

Just over the Idaho state line from Spokane is a resort community: Coeur d’Alene ID.  this evening the ladies and I are going over to see their community theater’s production of Into The Woods.  Safe to say I will wear something with a resort flavor 😉

After some minor alterations, which I did myself, the yellow polka-dot shirtdress turned out to be perfect for the wedding.  So fun!  And it ended up being the exact color of the bowtie s and the flowers, neither of which I had seen more than 25 hours before the wedding.  =D

Pictures of the wedding to come, as well as discussion about personality types and wardrobe choices!  Happy Hoopfest!

May 262012

Recently my nineteen-year-old daughter attended a performance of the Spokane Symphony at the Fox.  Wearing a floor-length dress, shiny scarf, and fun shoes; she even did her hair in a modern version of an up-do.  Because of the elegance of the setting, she knew she would not be overdressed.  The couple beside her wore jeans and sweatshirts.  Uh –  I mean sweaters.

We who call Spokane our home enjoy many and diverse opportunities for culture and the fine arts.  Wouldn’t we enjoy the experiences even more if we made the effort to wear something that respects the venue, the performers, and ourselves?  Certainly  I am not advocating a restrictive dress code, but remember: Wherever you go, you become part of the visual experience for everyone else.  Dressing with care is not tyranny; it’s self-expression, celebration, art.  Won’t you join me in decorating our cityscape?

Wherever you go, there you are.

(Originally written for EWU rhetoric class, November 19, 2010)

Sep 012011

Have I mentioned that the hero is 6’3″ and hairy?

According to his firm’s office cheerleading squad, tomorrow is “Wear Your College Colors Day”.  Although college logo shirt is the basis of the local “after-dinner-grocery-shopping” uniform template, it is not part of his regular idiom.  Nor mine.  So when he fw’d the notice that wearing college colors to work on Friday September 2 was being encouraged, my mind raced quickly through the options:  dd and I both attend schools sporting some version of vampire-wear for their school colors and the school the hero and I graduated from has the blues.  No options worth $pending on.

But there was one other option:  the local community college system, from which dd earned her AA.  Although I can’t tell you what their official color scheme is, their mascot is BIGFOOT!  This I discovered last spring, when I was a student at one of the schools.  I even bought a shirt.  Mine is a beautiful muted brown with the word “Bigfoot” written in ivory script; this “Sasquatch State” shirt is what the hero will be wearing to work tomorrow. 

The best part?  It was $9.99 less 20% AND I convinced them to give me the hanger.  he hee.

Dec 102010

This coming Thursday, December 16th, would have been Wendy Buckner’s birthday.  Unfortunately, her life was tragically cut short on June 19th by a heart attack.  She left her last comment here on June 18th.  Although we never met face-to-face, I considered Wendy a true friend.  She openly shared with me what she had:  opinion, encouragement, expertise, and her stunning photographs.

Wendy’s signature accessory was the brooch; she wore them regularly on her blazers.  Won’t you join me in celebrating Wendy’s life of grace and style this December 16th by the simple wearing of a beautiful brooch on your blazer or coat?

Nov 252010

Does this look like something Seuss? I hope so! kitten-heel-boots-with-feather-boa.JPG

Recently our theater group did Seussical the Musical; to celebrate the occasion, I added feather boa to these fur-topped boots and wore them with my jeans tucked in.  lol  Allow me to point out that the performers got a kick out of the gesture.  Not literally.  *chuckle*

That’s all, folks!  Happy Thanksgiving!  We have much to be thankful for, do we not?

Nov 242010

The hero and I, dressed up for a party we attended recently:
My outfit:

  • My old Gunne Sax, from the ’70s.
  • My boots, from the ’70s.
  • Dd2’s wig, which she uses for theatre.  (She was kinda creeped out seeing me in it, since we look a little bit alike.)

His outfit:

  • Vest his dad made for his mom, in the ’70s, from a kit.
  • T-shirt given to Dd1 by a relative a few years ago.  Front is a record store logo, back is a slogan mentioning the ’70s.
  • Wristband, authentically his from the 70s.
  • His old jeans, which he split up the side seams in order to insert the calico bell-bottom effect.  The fabric he used coordinated with the dress I was planning on wearing; planning on wearing, that is, until he zipped it up for me, which action was quickly followed by, “get it off! I can’t breathe”.  lol
  • Note also the leather thongs hanging down the sides, coordinating with the moccasins (not from the ’70s).

Playing dress up, in this case, was in honor of a friend’s birthday which we were celebrating with ’70s murder mystery.  This was our first murder mystery; I would definitely do it again!

Sep 272010

Jennifer sent me a link to this Femina post, in which Nancy Ann is responding to C.S. Lewis’s comments on the Middle English word “solempne” found in A Preface to Paradise Lost.

We moderns have trouble with solempne because we live in an egalitarian, slovenly culture where no one likes to “look up” to someone else. To really understand solempne, we need hierarchy. So the Christian has a better chance at understanding this because the most high God is our ultimate reference point.

“This means something different, but not quite different, from modern English solemn. Like solemn it implies the opposite of what is familiar, free and easy, or ordinary. But unlike solemn it does not suggest gloom, oppression, or austerity…The Solempne is the festal which is also the stately and the ceremonial, the proper occasion for pomp — and the very fact that pompous is now used only in a bad sense measures the degree to which we have lost the old idea of ‘solemnity’. To recover it you must think of a court ball, or a coronation, or a victory march, as these things appear to people who enjoy them; in an age when every one puts on his oldest clothes to be happy in, you must re-awake the simpler state of mind in which people put on gold and scarlet to be happy in. Above all, you must be rid of the hideous idea, fruit of a wide-spread inferiority complex, that pomp, on the proper occasions, has any connexion with vanity or self-conceit.”

I do think we are making strides toward recovering the idea that it is decent to wear decent clothes, although we who enjoy dressing still get a fair amount of heat for it.

Who knew that C.S. Lewis had anything to say about what we wear?

May 132010

Oh dear!  Where to start?  Alot has happened since the last post.


The biggest surprise:  I started working out (actually taking two PE classes, more on that to come); my neck and shoulder instantly improved!  I’m not completely back to how I was before I started blogging, but this is a big deal.

Feel free to comment on exercise.  What keeps you from it?   I honestly didn’t realize that I needed to be working my back and neck specifically.  How about health care?  Personally, I’d love to see docs be able to prescribe a gym, rather than just massage and physical therapy.

I haven’t figured out all the pieces yet, but I hope to never go back to where I was two months ago.  🙂


Somewhere recently I heard that if a student has a parent in school, that student may be eligible for more financial aid.  While that may be true in some cases, I have it on reliable authority – the Whitworth University financial aid department – that a parent in school doesn’t count on the child’s fafsa.

But, before I heard that, I thought, “why not look into finishing my degree?”

Long story short, I am currently taking twelve credits, including the aforementioned two PE classes, English 102 (did you feel that groan?), and logic.  And for the record, I am taking logic because I needed a humanities class, not to get out of taking math (I already have more than enough math).  Writing for English, though, is keeping me from getting back to blogging.

Just for fun: my first paper – a rhetorical analysis of a Jimmy Choo magazine ad.  (It earned me a 98.)


During my absence, I have done two – I don’t really know what to call them collectively – video projects?  Anyway, the first was a commercial in which I played a doctor (and the patient was actually played by the hero! lol) and the second was a training video in which I played a nurse manager, and actually had lines.  See why this falls under the category adventure?  It’s not all that exciting or glamorous, but if you happen to be in an area or occupation where you see one of those and think it looks like me …

My other notable adventure was being asked to present a workshop on making the most of your wardrobe at a ladies retreat with gratitude as its theme.  My 45 minute talk was entitled A Closet Full of Enough.  That was fun, and I am planning on saving my material, should the opportunity arise to give the talk again.


Yes, I’m still painting.  Some days I take my stuff with me to school and just find a table somewhere to paint when I have a couple hours between classes.  I love watercolor!  It’s so clean.  🙂

Currently I am only doing portraits.


Who knows?  Definitely not blogging with the same regularity as in the past.  But I still like it!

What’s new with you?