Jun 242014

I guess it’s probably considered too matchy-matchy to be current, but there’s something that actually works about matching your belt and shoes. Match your belt and your shoes to your hair and you are automatically coordinated head to toe.

20140623-202848-73728339.jpgSo these things aren’t exactly what was on my list but sometimes that happens when you’re out shopping. Since my navy sneaks died, I thought covering the hair-color leather a greater priority.

  • Platinum Söffts: $37 at Nordstrom Rack
  • Light-colored belt: $17 at Echo, a consignment store downtown Spokane.

Both are real leather. Not a perfect match, but both a general approximation of my hair color.

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In addition, I have bought these two other things, for a dollar or two each, since starting this week of shopping:

I would add:

I do better shopping with a budget.

Without one, I don’t overspend – I just don’t buy enough.

Jun 122014

Just for fun, and because it is timely and useful, I am re-running this post from June 2008, with some additional commentary. Back then I didn’t like this length of short, preferring Bermudas; I also did not like to wear navy because it is a very dark color for summer AND it is very traditional. Now I am tired of Bermudas and this length shorts looks very fresh and flattering to me (high-waisted would be even more modern) and, while I prob’ly wouldn’t wear solid navy shorts, I am using it in prints and in brighter versions (now that I have broken up with the idea that I am an “Autumn”).

I was looking for something completely different when I was stopped in my tracks by what I saw in this first pair of compared pictures. Do you see what I see? Not that I like to wear this length of shorts, or navy …
Women: Cuffed tab-waist shorts - rublo taupeWomen: Cuffed tab-waist shorts - true navy
Women: Cuffed tab-waist shorts - new silver lakeWomen: Striped cuffed tab-waist shorts - yarn dye

What do you notice about apparent leg length as it relates to the color of the shorts?  Any other comments?

Obviously, these shorts are not still available – since the links are from 2008 – but if you are looking for shorts now, here is an offer that might be useful: Extra 20% off Everything with code FRIENDS20

May 072014

20140507-152016.jpgWhen I heard about these Sanuk Yoga Sandalsicon, I had the same immediate reaction as when I first saw Chaco’s: buy these! Today! And I did (order them from, that is).

I love that they are flip-flops, but with a strap to keep them on. The thong aspect is made more comfortable by the soft, stretchy fabric and the yoga mat footbed. Tinted tomato is one of my best colors; “tomato tie dye” will blend with (nearly) everything I wear in the summer. Wanting the feet to blend with the legs rather than standing out, anyone could use this formula:

print: neutral (light, medium, or dark, depending on skintone) + one (or more) of the subtle colors present in your skin (hemoglobin, melanin, or one of your “dramatic colors”; that is, the blues, greens, or purples of your veins

When the hero heard about these sandals, he told me I could have them for Mother’s Day. And I have learned to submit 😉

Apr 252014

One of my very first posts, from November 2005:

I just did something scary. I edited my template. And it worked. Then I went to try to figure out how to do something else technical and that didn’t work. Oh well. One can’t know how to do everything.Kohls Department Stores Inc

Here’s something I do know, though, a tip borrowed from the guys. If you are going to buy a blazer this season, and I think you should unless your personality prohibits blazers, your best color option is — drumroll please — your haircolor. Picture it. Your hair and your jacket working together to form a frame to flatter your face, making it the focal point of your outfit.

That’s salty!

Apr 232014

This has been a crazy week: babysitting, new grand baby, fittings for Enchanted Sleeping Beauty and, today, memorial service for the hero’s uncle. No time to blog all the big things I have on my mind.

But I have pictures. 🙂


In the early blog, I advocated choosing a jacket in your hair color. Picked up for nothing at a clothing exchange, this jacket has been seeing alot of use this season. Hair color is also great choice for leather goods: shoes, bags, belts, etc. Shop the latest handbags for spring at NORDSTROM. Plus, get free shipping & returns on every order.

Repeating your hair color in your outfit is a great way to connect your face to the rest of your look.

Apr 142014

Simultaneous contrast refers to the change in the appearance of a color due to the influence of other color(s) nearby.

When I started wearing Maybelline New York Color Whisper by Color Sensational Lipcolor, Petal Rebel, 0.11 Ounce, I wondered if I could be imagining the effect: my teeth look yellower. I suspect it is the coolness of the color, which looks quite lovely against my skin. As long as I don’t open my mouth 😉

Warm-Cold Contrast:

In the colour wheel, the warm colours with red and yellow components are located opposite to the cold blue hues. Green and magenta form the neutral transitions. The effect of a predominant colour can be increased when combined with an accent from the opposite colour. This combination makes warm hues appear warmer, and vice versa. (Cartouche)

To be honest, I am not exactly certain how to apply this observation. But I took some pictures. (The color on the right is: Maybelline New York Color Whisper by Color Sensational Lipcolor, Coral Ambition, 0.11 Ounce)
Petal rebel close upcoral ambition close up
Petal rebelCoral ambition
Now, if only I could figure out how to insert them right-side-up!

Apr 072014

My blogging is always me working out what I’m wrestling with …
Jeff Caliguire

Recently I have been thinking alot about what colors look good on me. Ok, you may say that is nothing new, and you’d be right. What is new is the colors. Suddenly, it seems, it has become apparent that bright colors are best on me; when I had been told in an actual pay color analysis that muted was my most obvious color characteristic.

So, I found this color e-nalysis, which is based on dominant color characteristic. This simply cannot be right! According to this system, Christian Image Consulting, everyone who does not color their gray is a cool. To be fair, the creator does give you an opportunity to email a photograph for confirmation; nevertheless, I think this system relies too heavily on hair color.
Kohls Department Stores Inc
A novel alternative is available at Truth is Beauty: try the seasonal color analysis quiz (BETA). In this quiz, which is supposed to be taken by someone else answering questions about you, a trail of yes/no questions about what colors look good leads to one of the 12 seasonal color groupings. I answered five questions, which I was able to do because of a conversation I had recently had with my daughter about my colors, and received, “this person is most likely a Bright Spring”.

Application: this week is spring break and I am biffing everything boring 😉

Mar 272014

This week’s blast-from-the-past post was inspired by my daughter’s friend who played Anne of Avonlea (back in spring, 2007); she didn’t want to keep her hair red, even though it looked quite natural on her, because it was harder to get dressed than when she was blonde. Whether you color your hair bright blue, red like Anne, platinum or black, an intense color will affect the way your outfits go together.

Consider the following:

  • Which of the hues present in your personal coloring – hair, skin, & eyes – are neutrals and which are colors?
  • Considering the colors present in your personal coloring, including any unnatural hair color, what is the level of intensity of each?

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I suspect many people end up wearing all black with their intense hair color, simply so they don’t clash. Some more creative solutions:

  1. create a color harmony which mimics your coloring.
  2. combining colors harmoniously, balance the bright hair with another bright.
  3. mixing different intensities of one color.

And, btw, yes, red-heads can wear red. It’s an analogous color scheme.

Mar 242014

Rather than an aspect of natural coloring, it may be more helpful to consider hair like an article of clothing : changeable.

Does that help you?

Even if, like me, you maintain completely natural hair color, thinking of it as a color you choose is helpful. It is clearly an element of which you are in control. While hair is arguably the most noticeable component, it BECOMES part of your overall look, it does not establish it.

Many women get attached to the idea of a hair color. They were blonde as a child, for example, and want to stay blonde as an adult, but end up choosing a shade of blonde which clashes with their skin. If they then choose the rest of their wardrobe to match the hair, they end up looking pale, clownish, or otherwise less than best. This pattern is not exclusive to blondes.

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By way of application of this idea: you will look better – more alive, more “ageless” – if you select the components of your look to compliment your skintone, rather than your hair. And it is more practical; you should not have to change everything else if you change your hair color.

Admittedly, the stimulus for this post is my ongoing mental dispute with the color analysts using hair color as a defining characteristic.

Feb 252014

So what if the key to understanding the four,  twelve, now sixteen season color system was not value but resonance? By resonance I mean a little bit more than just saturation; I mean the appearance of how the color varies from the pure hue. 

I have been thinking about this alot for the past couple months. Color Me Beautiful still says to determine your seasonal color by looking first at color temperature, then value. That’s racist! 😉 Even when they allow for every ethnicity being represented in every season, a dark- haired Caucasian could only be Autumn or Winter under that system. It is not even logical!

But what if, theoretically, we considered resonance ? (I am just thinking out loud here.)

Winter would be those whose skin is most flattered by cool, saturated hues.

Spring colors would be warm tints (or washes, which appear less opaque)

Summer wears the cool softer, muted tones.

Autumn  resonance would be shades and temperature warm.

As I was writing this, a couple thoughts came to mind. First, I thought it seemed very limiting; but on second thought, maybe not: every hue is available in either a cool or warm version, as well as almost infinite variations in resonance.
The Secret Language of Color: Science, Nature, History, Culture, Beauty of Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, and Violet

My other thought was: these color differences are awfully difficult for most people to see – no wonder everyone wants to just wear black! 😉