Jul 102017

I am finally getting sunglasses. This little post from the archives tells the history of me and my prescription sunglasses, what history there is, and even includes a picture!

Before I get to the try-on pictures, allow me to just share a little bit about my philosophy on glasses. I get that glasses are probably second only to hair in expressing personality, but they are also really expensive and I have to buy my own; therefore, I prefer a look with more staying power. Having multiple fun pairs of glasses, one for every outfit, would be great but at $200 to $500 a pair that’s not happening! I was able to use FSA dollars with Warby Parker. Edited to add: to save $, I had my sunglasses built single vision. They are mostly for driving/walking around anyway. If my life included alot of reading outdoors, I may have tried to work out a way to get progressives …

(Full disclosure: links to Warby Parker are affiliate links and if you make a purchase through them, they will pay me a small commission. Thank you so much! Home Try-On program)

What is lovely about this is that, even tho I am ordering online, I was able to try on the frames AND they offer returns (30 day) AND they will reimburse (up to $ limit) if I have to have them adjusted when I get them.

After getting family input, I went with the first pair. The fourth were my second choice. But I’m only getting one. Which are your faves?

Now, on to the pics:

Mar 272015

This post is inspired by people who are restricted in what kind of shoes they can wear. And by the changing season: today it is supposed to get to 70Β° here, the temperature at which I am comfortable without socks. 

Lately I have been thinking about a question I got via email, in which the implication was that it is necessary to wear heels to be stylish. Perhaps some think it is. I do not. Neither does Carla. Whenever I heard a student, including myself, ask if wearing heels would be the solution to a particular style challenge, she always answered something along the lines of, “it doesn’t have to be”.  

So I learned not to depend on heels to create a balanced proportion. 

While each person’s footwear challenges may be different, I suggest building a personal style that incorporates the shoes that work for you. 

While I was thinking about this, I stumbled onto the Crocs Sexi Flip. For the price (around $30 American), so much fun! I have never worn Crocs, but looking at these (and the ones I see on the ladies at the gym) I think I am gonna start! The following pictures contain affiliate links; if you click on them and make a purchase, I will make a little money πŸ™‚

Happy Toe Liberation Day! Btw, do you wear Crocs?

Mar 062015
Photo taken prior to my haircut

Photo taken prior to my haircut


All of the sudden, the Β other day – I don’t remember why I was trying on this outfit – it occurred to me how a bracelet functions systematically within an outfit.

Try this thought sequence on and see if it fits:

Accordingly, in this outfit, I need to add a red bracelet. And maybe nails?

Dec 192014

By now you have probably heard that Pantone announced its 2015 Color of the Year: Marsala. When I saw that, my first thought was “not for me, thanks!” Then I thought, “somebody who is a better style blogger than I will undoubtedly do a “How to Wear Marsala” post. Find that here.

While I think that alot of that particular shade would be tough for me to wear, I can see it on quite a few of my friends and family. If you can wear that color lipstick, you should absolutely put a pair of Marsala shoes or boots on your shopping list! Women’s Boots & Shoes are now 50% off at!! Shop now during our One Day Sale!! Valid 12/19-12/20

Aug 142014

Early in my training to become a Stylist, I realized that alot of what I had believed was wrong. The reason belts at the waist rarely work for me is that my silhouette is hourglass (X), not figure-eight (8). Actually, dropped waist is a good option for me for a number of reasons. This post is from over seven years ago, but if I still had the pieces, I would consider wearing the look in the first picture. With accessories πŸ˜‰

Why did it just not work when one friend took her belt off the other night and put it on another friend in the same, low-slung position?

  • Scale: In general, the details (straps and so-forth) worn on the upper body should relate to the scale of the facial features. Details on the lower body relate to apparent body size.
  • Silhouette: My natural silhouette is Type 8 Type X (hourglass). In both the examples where the belt is worn at the waist, the shape has somehow been transformed into more of an I.
  • Frumpiness: Just what accounts for the frumpiness of the belt-at-waist looks? /li>

    Length balancing is the key to dodging the frump factor: 50/50 is boring.

    From the top of the turtleneck to the belt worn at the hip is 2 1/2 “units”, from the bottom of the turtleneck to the hem of the pants is 4. What’s in between, especially with the smaller belt, is accent and can be subtracted from the total. For the belt at the waist looks to work, the top would have to be tucked in.

I think …

Jun 102014

Progress report:

  • Reorganized my clothing storage. Currently-being-worn clothing hangs in my closet; off-season stuff – and gym clothes – lives in my dresser.
  • Took down my last show of the 2013–14 theater season. Still have the laundry to do, then return the stuff to the theater and I’m done.
  • 20140610-131343-47623947.jpg

  • Produced the pencil sketches for my summer wardrobe design renderings. Painting is still on the to-do list.
  • And – I can’t tell you. Yet. πŸ˜‰ A new endeavor is on the horizon.

(I am well aware that the one item I am going to need to spend real $$ on is a pair of flat, metallic, leather sandals. I am open to suggestions. Find new shoes for summer for under $100 at NORDSTROM. Free shipping & returns.

So, you know how people are always saying you should pick out your clothes the night before? Well, today I stumbled on something I think will work brilliantly for me:

pick out my clothes for tomorrow and pack my gym bag when I get home from the gym.

I even picked out my unmentionables. Which is actually one of the greater complications in getting dressed.

What helpful habits are you building?

May 072014

20140507-152016.jpgWhen I heard about these Sanuk Yoga Sandalsicon, I had the same immediate reaction as when I first saw Chaco’s: buy these! Today! And I did (order them from, that is).

I love that they are flip-flops, but with a strap to keep them on. The thong aspect is made more comfortable by the soft, stretchy fabric and the yoga mat footbed. Tinted tomato is one of my best colors; “tomato tie dye” will blend with (nearly) everything I wear in the summer. Wanting the feet to blend with the legs rather than standing out, anyone could use this formula:

print: neutral (light, medium, or dark, depending on skintone) + one (or more) of the subtle colors present in your skin (hemoglobin, melanin, or one of your “dramatic colors”; that is, the blues, greens, or purples of your veins

When the hero heard about these sandals, he told me I could have them for Mother’s Day. And I have learned to submit πŸ˜‰

Apr 232014

This has been a crazy week: babysitting, new grand baby, fittings for Enchanted Sleeping Beauty and, today, memorial service for the hero’s uncle. No time to blog all the big things I have on my mind.

But I have pictures. πŸ™‚


In the early blog, I advocated choosing a jacket in your hair color. Picked up for nothing at a clothing exchange, this jacket has been seeing alot of use this season. Hair color is also great choice for leather goods: shoes, bags, belts, etc. Shop the latest handbags for spring at NORDSTROM. Plus, get free shipping & returns on every order.

Repeating your hair color in your outfit is a great way to connect your face to the rest of your look.

Apr 172014

This previously-published post dates back to 2006; I just biffed the shoes last year. Of course, I see things much differently now, eight years later, so I will go through and add in italics my choices for this year. Timing is the same though – I painted my toenails and wore Chacos this last weekend πŸ™‚

Summer has officially arrived! Okay, not really, but it’s trying, and this past week has seen some annual milestones: bye-bye scraps of blue toenail polish leftover from last year, hello fresh paint job; all my linen and sleeveless out from deep storage; the first toughen-up-the-feet outing in my Chacos.

So, other than celebrating what I’m calling Toe Liberation Day, the purpose of this post is to outline my thinking on how many pairs of shoes a person needs: one per lifestyle segment, per season. Two pairs in any category worn most days, in order to be able to alternate. My summer wardrobe is so simple, here’s what it looks like:

Leisure: My flip-flops. I wear them around the house, never for driving, and with swimwear. My Chacos are strictly leisure now.

Casual: My everyday shoes. My Chacos have black, brown, and khaki straps; they go with everything. I could use sandals in this category, but they are hard to find. In the meantime, I wear my two pairs of leather flats: lipstick color and hair color.

Business: I really don’t need business shoes. But I suppose if I did, I would probably wear the vintage ivory patent sandals (they are really more dressy social). I still don’t really need business shoes. But I have the gray ombrΓ© patent peep-toes, if I was going to a casual-ish business office.

Social: Here’s where I was really having the problem. Summer social events around here are bridal showers and outdoor parties; the Chacos would be okay but didn’t suit my sensibilities, poky heels stick into the grass, and I don’t wear backless shoes. The solution? My new wedges. They’re even comfortable! I was recently gifted a pair of multi-metallic, low-heeled wedges. Perfect!

Shop comfortable and stylish shoes for spring at NORDSTROM. Free shipping and returns on every order.

Apr 162014

Recently my daily routine has grown to include watching TED Talks and YouTubes while primping. Today Reachel Bagley’s video Easy 3 Point Formula for Cute & Casual Everyday Outfits came up in my recommendations.

The goal: to add style to an everyday, comfortable, casual look

Her formula:

include 3 out of 5 of the following in your ensemble

  1. color (as in: a pop of color or an unexpected combination)
  2. pattern (prints)
  3. texture (self-explanatory)
  4. shape (strong or unusual line, cut, or structure. I think)
  5. shine (metallic or sparkle)

Much easier to count! But is the result different? If I just get dressed, say in shorts and a tee, I am at around 8 using the 14 point system; adding 3 of the above elements brings me to 11. I’ll take it πŸ˜‰

Prom Dress Sale! Save Big on the Gown of your Dreams at! Offer valid 4/14-8/2

According to a post I found on this forum, Reinventing Your Style: 7 Strategies for Looking Powerful, Dynamic and Inspiring links ensemble complexity to personal animation. How would you rate the level of animation in your movement and speech? As I grow more “comfortable in my own skin”, the complexity in my outfits is also increasing. I confess: I talk alot!

If you are still ruminating on the idea of counting “points”, Elizabeth has developed an alternate way of counting which gives greater weight to the garments. Find it here.