Jul 092015

Imagine this scenario: you are at a festive gathering, one might even call it a feast; your plate is loaded with delicious food; you turn back to grab one last thing to throw on top of your plate, and the whole thing slips and crashes to the ground! You are standing between turkey and dressing and everything else! Where to even start to clean it up?

I used this metaphor the other day to describe to my husband how I was feeling about my current, for the most part self-imposed, obligations. And it reminded me of my first blog post: Between Turkey and Dressing (November 2006).

Alot has changed in my life and in social media since then. And I am sensing more changes for me, including how I manage this blog. Summer is a great time to reflect and create (even though it may take longer), and that is the need I find myself faced with. As well as a little clean-up. 😉

For my regular readers, I offer this explanation. If you are new here, I hope you will enjoy poking around. Until next post, revision, or iteration, my clients and family are getting the first and best of my creative energy. 

Happy Summer!



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