Jun 022015

Rule number one states simply that the face should be the focal point of every outfit. That seems obvious. Focal point = the point which the eyes are drawn to. But, have you wondered how that is accomplished?

A primary tool in directing attention to your face is the use of balance points. There are two measurable points that determine how far down the upper body the neckline should go. In addition, the collar or neckline should be at least as wide as the face. For additional information on this topic, I recommend The Triumph of Individual Style, by Carla Mason Mathis and Helen Villa Connor.

Jewelry can also create balance.

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  1. […] is as good a time as any to refresh on the concept of balancing the face with the neckline. The lady who wishes people to look at her face should wear her neckline no lower than the length […]

  2. […] basic frame for the face. The garment that completes the frame, as illustrated in my previous post Focus on the Face, should be roughly the same color value as the […]

  3. The part about the width of the neckline was new to me. Thanks!

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