Apr 172015

So, I have been having a ball, but also wearing myself out – in a good way. Alot is going on behind the scenes. As I have been working my tail off this week, I have also been thinking – the hero says that is my greatest strength 😉 – especially about how I can be most helpful.

One conclusion: There are some categories of high-value items that I seem to have a skill for finding, like fun leather jackets and cashmere sweaters; I may think of some others. In addition to continuing to offer coordinated outfits, I will start posting some of those items too. You might as well benefit from my finds.

(I know it is not sweater season, but it will be again. Did you know you can put your sweaters in the freezer to keep the moths out? And I wash my cashmere sweaters all the time – just don’t dry them.)

Eventually, I would love to offer mini-capsule wardrobes. Do you think that would be helpful?

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  1. A lot of people are different sizes on top and bottom. I wonder, since you are using facebook, if it would be helpful to approach this from a different direction: people who would like a capsule concept could upload a picture of a starting garment they have. This way, they already know they have the size that fits at least half of their bodies. If it’s a bottom piece, then by knowing they have a skirt or pants, you could look for a jacket in the better length for skirts or for pants. If they have the jacket, then you could find out whether they’re open to the bottom piece that best suits it.

    Also, many people get some degree of buyer’s remorse or, you know, the freshness wears off fast. Since facebook allows for both text and visuals, you might consider using your descriptive powers to highlight *why* the offered item is desirable/would be great to have. Like a laser pointer, in effect. 😀 People often have difficulty in purging their closets because they fixate on one great aspect of a garment and that tends to blind them to all the ways it doesn’t work for them. But it’s my favorite color! But I saved so much money on this desirable brand! But it’s so comfortable! You could use this in reverse. When they start to wonder if they’re loving it less than they imagined, they can “hear” your highlighted features.

    • Vildy, I actually love both those ideas! Your first comment, about alot of people bring different size on top and bottom, also gave me some other thoughts too. It is probly more helpful to people to, for example, put accessories with a skirt or pant, or put a vest with a top, and then let the buyer add it to the other half they have in their wardrobe, rather than trying to put an entire outfit together, in many cases.

      I had been wondering whether I should include text about the “features and benefits”; thanks for your encouragement on that! I will have to play with it.

      • Here’s an idea, piggybacking off your mini-capsules: Leah Feldon, might have been, wrote that if you bring up the color of the bottom piece – statement necklace or earrings or scarf, say – then it makes it look completely intentional whatever color top piece you add to it.

        • And also, you could offer shorter sleeved or sleeveless top pieces cued to a bracelet in the way of that brilliant idea you had.

  2. Okay – just visited (and joined the group – ChesterAndAmy Davis) – the link was broken last time I tried. It’s terrific! Makes me want to shop!

    And I’m good at finding good cashmere and wool at thrift stores too – and silk. But not so much leather jackets. The thrift stores here think they’re worth real money, and they’re almost always very out of date.

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