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imageSome good ideas don’t get old, they just get forgotten. Like this one from 4/24/2007. The point of this post originally was modesty; HOWEVER, I would add now that frequently the first balance point and the armpit will be at the same “latitude”, so to speak, making this tip even MORE useful.

Make it practical: why not check yours right now? Is the length of your face, from hairline to chin, equal to the length from chin to the center of the imaginary line from armpit to armpit? If so, then that is a good place for some element of yr neckline or accessories. 🙂

Btw, I never got used to the comments being reverse-ordered, so I changed them back. Hope the whole experiment wasn’t too annoying!

Use this trick to see if a neckline will be too deep for you, without having to try the top on.

My daughter figured this one out:

Mentally draw a horizontal line from armpit to armpit. Is the lowest part of the neckline above or below the line? Chances are if your neckline extends to below your armpits, you may be displaying more than the watching world cares to see.

One more way I can tell if something will work without getting undressed.


  10 Responses to “TBT: Is This Neckline Too Low?”

  1. Great tip! I HATE trying on clothes! Good thing I get most things as hand-me-downs… that way I can try them on when I’m ready to get dressed and not in some dressing room!! 🙂

  2. Great tip. It’s frustating to get somewhere and realize I should’ve put on a camisole underneath.

  3. Cool, I’d NEVER heard that tip before. I shall have to try it next time I’m out clothes shopping.

  4. Fabulous tip! I’m lookign forward to using it (cuz that means I’ll be shopping. lol).

  5. That’s a wonderful tip, something that had never occured to me before – thanks!

  6. So true, So true. Very Clever.

  7. What a great tip!! I will use this next time I’m in Target wondering if those so cute tops are have a trendy plunging neckline. 🙂

  8. speaking of target – and your next post on white t’s – they have the NICEST new scoop t’s – double layered in front for modesty (sheerness and clingliness is reduced) and they are garment washed and shrink resistant – 9.99 each. there’s a scoop neck style and a sleeveless with a V. Nice colors and they work under my suit jackets.

  9. That sounds really good, Dana. And more good news – I have finally been accepted as an affiliate for Target beginning May 1st. Hopefully the online store has those tees too!

    Wonder if I can get out to Target in the next couple of days.

  10. I too hate trying on clothes… (sometimes)…

    Great tip! I tend to be able to eyeball whether things are too low for me or not. If they are, I just see whether or not I have room to wear a cute cami underneath to conceal myself.

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