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When I started blogging, in 2005, flares were waning and skinnies were emerging; now, in 2015, we are seeing the flipside of that trend.

Fashion cycles aside, here’s my March 2006 rundown on how each of the basic figure types works with the skinny jean silhouette, and the 2015 corrections:

Hourglass ~ With square apparently equal hips and shoulders and a nipped-in arc waist, the trick to wearing skinny jeans is to have a definite flair from the waist to the hips, a jacket or top that is slim through the torso and at least as wide as the thigh ending above it. As long as the hourglass shape is maintained in the upper body, the legs can taper (as in tucked into boots) or be straight (same width at knee and at ankle). Alternatively, extend the top to below the widest part of the thigh.

Rectangle ~ Essentially a vertical look, with shoulders and hips (and waist) equally wide, balance is maintained by keeping a straight shape. Only the skinniest rectangles (what I call a pencil) will be tucking their jeans into their boots. A heavier rectangle can still look balanced by wearing a longer topper, extending the rectangle shape to mid-thigh, and/or using the boots themselves to add a little width to the ankles.

Oval ~ Loose, drapy top over skinny jeans tucked into boots; that is an oval silhouette. Keep the shoulders narrow and the waist filled in.

Figure-eight ~ Because the shoulders are sloped in both figure-eight and oval, a narrower hem is natural. Figure-eight needs waist definition. Curvy thighs? Leave the legs out of the boots.

Triangle ~ Boot-cut is your skinny jean.Wear a longer top that creates the triangle shape, with skinny jeans under.

Wedge (Inverted triangle)~ Wider shoulders and skinnier legs are a natural with skinny jeans. Be careful to keep things close to the body around the middle, or your legs may end up looking like toothpicks.

I remember how chic tapered pants seemed when they became fashionable in the 80s. With this trend to skinny jeans, I’m keeping my jacket with shoulder pads. It’s only a matter of time. (Lol. I was wrong about that one!)

After reworking this material, I found Into Mind’s post: Why I don’t believe in dressing for my body type, very much worth reading. Honestly, if style advice seems like so much fashion legalism, that’s no fun. Even with what I have written here, they are only suggestions and there are many other ways to create an aesthetically-pleasing visual appearance.

2015 readers: how do skinnies figure into your wardrobe today? How about knee-high boots? Personally, I have uncoupled the two, finding it to be an over-saturated look.

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  1. Heh- I’m at a trade show today, and wearing skinny beans and knee high boots 🙂

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