Mar 192015

image In studying to become certified as a personal stylist, I have discovered a number of areas where what I understood was almost, but not quite, right. Hence, the throwback Thursday post, where I bring back an old article and correct the concepts in it and which I am foregoing this week in favor of this.

Lately I’ve been working on my taxes and, in getting into my files, have noticed alot of the garments I have bought over the last year are not still in use. In other words, once I got serious about buying myself some clothes, I still made mistakes! Thankfully, most of those mistakes were fairly low investment, purchased at thrift or some super-clearance, which brings me to the topic of Thredup ( basically, an online thrift store). When I sent my daughter the info, she went shopping!

Tie dye topPeach cotton tunicPrint topOrange silk topSilk floral top
For about $100, she got everything pictured here. Sorting by percent off seems to yield the best results (not having to look at pages of $3.99 tank tops before getting to something more interesting).

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  1. I joined ThredUp a while back, but have yet to buy anything. I should check them out again. LikeTwice is similar, though the selection is smaller and the quality higher. I haven’t bought anything there either.

    • I have been checking them, but haven’t found anything I wanted to buy yet either. Just before we discovered Thredup, we went through my daughter’s closet and had a real epiphany: she needed more interesting, printed tops, in specific colors. So she searches for only high quality fabrics, in the colors and sleeve lengths she wears. Quite successfully 🙂

      I will check out LikeTwice. Thx!

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