Mar 062015
Photo taken prior to my haircut

Photo taken prior to my haircut


All of the sudden, the  other day – I don’t remember why I was trying on this outfit – it occurred to me how a bracelet functions systematically within an outfit.

Try this thought sequence on and see if it fits:

Accordingly, in this outfit, I need to add a red bracelet. And maybe nails?

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  1. Or red shoes 🙂 I used to wear bracelets almost always. I’ve been off of them lately, and just thought yesterday that maybe I should start wearing my watch again. I need it more as a time-keeping device than as jewelry, but I don’t mind that it’s pretty and fun to wear too 🙂

    • From a compositional standpoint, I completely agree that red shoes would be good (both shoes and bracelet would be great); so, then I started thinking about why I am resistant to that idea. I love red shoes for others. At first, I thought it was just because I want to keep my shoe wardrobe minimal, but I do like the idea of lipstick color for shoes – and here I am wearing lipstick to match the red – so, I don’t think that is the whole story. Thinking of style essences, I think I am a blend of gamine, ingenue, and ethereal; I think red shoes are just too mature. In fact, it has taken me a good long time to even add a few items of red clothing.

      This outfit is not bad, but I think I would only wear it to a romantic occasion such as a wedding or something like that.

      I do like wearing a watch! 🙂

  2. Interesting association of red shoes with maturity – I don’t have that association, I don’t think, and now it makes me wonder. My only red shoes are sneakers, and I prefer nude-tones, metallics or black for dressier shoes on me right now.

    • Red athletic shoes may be more of an energetic vibe.

      I have the same color preferences as you, as well as multi-colored floral, if I could just find some that fit well. 🙂

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