Mar 052015


Yesterday I got my hair cut. After studying a multitude of factors impacting hairstyle, doing some hairstyle design consultations for clients, and getting the expert input from My Virtual Makeover (for which my hair is not yet long enough), I finally stopped long enough to crank through the considerations myself. It took the better part of two days.

ALOT goes into hairstyle design. It is informed by each of my Essential Series of services.

Although it is only my second day with the haircut, I believe it is both more complicated and more flattering than what I would have come up with using the standard methods: asking a hairstylist or looking on Pinterest. Which, btw, I am finally on Pinterest (@rebeccamielke). 🙂

  2 Responses to “My Personal Hair Design ”

  1. Ooh – I’ve been eager for this post since your post where your Virtual Makeover post! And I love it – I didn’t expect you to go asymmetrical, but it really suits you, and I think that yes, it makes you look more daring and bold – more of an initiator. Way to go!

  2. Thank you so much! It is not actually cut asymmetrically, just styled that way.

    It is interesting that you mentioned daring and bold; to me, it looks and feels more girly and more like just hair, less forced and like a copy of someone else’s vision. Which, I guess, it is (less a copy of someone else’s vision).

    What has really been interesting, though, and we will see if this continues, is how I perceive people interacting with me: like when I wear my iridescent coral leather jacket, I feel like people just talk to me as I am comfortable being talked to. It is sort of a challenging feeling to describe, but it really is as if there is a more natural interpersonal flow. That is priceless and what I hope to be able to help others find!

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