Mar 042015

IMG_3651.JPGI love wearing dresses. Simply put, they are the easiest way to have a coordinated outfit. The challenge, for many women, is fit: A dress must fit both top and bottom, unlike separates which can be purchased in different sizes as needed. 

Enter Eshakti. Although they do sell standard sizes, for the bargain price of $7.50 your garment can be made to your measurements. Included in the customization fee are some options for modification such as changing the neckline, the hem, and/or the sleeve length. You might expect the prices to be high but they are not; they are moderate. For example, the dress pictured was $79.95; I have also ordered a wool dress for around $100. They do run sales and they don’t sell only dresses.

Initially, what got me to look into eShakti was a post on another blog to which I subscribe recommending them as a good resource for cotton. When I got to their site, I was pleasantly surprised to see that below each tile, as you scroll through their offerings, is the fiber content; they don’t bury it in the FinePrint. The dress pictured is cotton.

(I was so excited about eShakti that I joined their affiliate program. If you order via the links or ad on my website, they will pay me a small commission.)

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Now, a little bit about the outfit: this is what I wore to CYT Spokane’s production of Honk! at the Bing Crosby Theater last weekend. And to church on Sunday. With slightly different accessories, I will wear it tomorrow evening to the hero’s annual company party. I call that automation! 😉


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  1. Terrific dress – and fun on you! I have a few dresses in my closet now too (For me, dresses aren’t a slam dunk, but also aren’t that difficult to fit). I like the idea of thinking through which types of occasions each dress covers easily. Then I’ll know if/when I have my normal dress-wearing occasions covered, and what to wear without much angst.

  2. Oh no. I clicked through and may have fallen for that light weight jersey tunic…

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