Feb 122015

Recently I worked with someone who had a number of lovely dresses in her closet, which she would have been wearing if only she had the appropriate shoes! It reminded me of when I identified a major gap in my own wardrobe last November. At this time, my shortage was in the “tops” category; in this Throwback Thursday post from December 3, 2005, I had a different shortage …

Tomorrow is Sunday. No doubt when we leave we will all be dressed, but chances are good that someone will have had some wardrobe trauma in the process. Generally, one of us ladies is the one with the problem and one of the others is the one with the solution. Look out if two of us can’t decide what to wear!

I recall a time a few years ago when my own Sunday morning wardrobe trauma was pretty much weekly. My problem: I didn’t actually own a dress, but every Sunday morning I tried to select one from my closet to wear. My solution: I bought a khaki skirt that I could wear to church with my T-shirts. That skirt was one of the few items I ever paid full price for (I think it was $30 or so), but I wore it several years before selling it on consignment this past summer. In warm weather, I wore it with tanks and sandals. Come winter, it was turtlenecks and boots.

So, figure out your own formula. What do you like to wear to church? I guarantee you won’t find it in your closet on Sunday morning if you don’t actually have it.

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  1. I can wear just about any thing and feel “dressed for church” if I add a scarf and lipstick. Like today: casual knit pants, black tank top, oversize heavy cotton shirt… all made “nice” by the addition of a lovely multi-hued scarf, my favorite lipstick, and my new green handbag. The handbag gets so many compliments I always feel commpelled to share that I got it at the “Nothing Over $19.41” leather store downtown.

  2. Such words of wisdom ;). Speaking from the same experience. Why does something so simple seem hard for some of us? I think it is the frugal part. We think why should we by something for one day a week. We stress in the morning and figure by 2 pm that afternoon it will be over. But if we add up all those morning anxieties ….. $30 is well worth the relaxation. I would spend that on healthy food for my body why not “healthy clothes” for peace of mind? This is something my frugal mind has been trying to get over.

  3. […] This was my room on a recent Sunday morning, after I finally got dressed.  Tell me, do you suppose I left feeling relaxed and worshipful? If you said ‘no’, you were right. This was the scene of some serious Sunday wardrobe trauma! […]

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