Feb 102015

Do you need encouragement? Encouragement can be a help in refining focus and direction. Recently, I had the opportunity to be a subject in an “I need a new look!” webinar at Body Beautiful, with Erin and Carla Mathis as stylists. (You can purchase a a virtual makeover for yourself, or the webinar, at their website.)

The thing I found most encouraging was the inspiration to translate words about my essence as a person into style elements. I asked family members to help me answer the following question, “how would others describe your personality?” The words we came up with were loud, sparkly, strategic, and initiator. Until Carla suggested I try more “edgy” styles, I would never have seen the connection between the words and my personal style idiom. Of course, it would help if I knew what “edgy” meant 😉

edgy defined: wearing new styles ahead of your demographic; early adopter; initiator.

I am pretty excited to include this spin on encouragement in my own stylist work. How do you think people would describe you? Any thoughts about translating those words into style elements?

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  1. I love this idea – and it makes me smile – from the photos I’ve seen of you online, I wouldn’t have used any of those adjectives for your personality. Your look is much more “soft” (at least to me). So I agree with your analysis – your look would match your personality with more “edge”.

    I’m afraid to ask people for adjectives of me – afraid of what the adjectives would be! (But I think I’ll try it anyway). Not sure if I’ll be able to tell whether the adjectives match the way I look – I guess I’ll see.

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