Jan 202015

In recent client conversations, riffs on the following came up:

I want more (insert design concept or color) in my wardrobe, but instead I keep buying …

Believe me, I get that! Some things are easier for an individual to fit and/or find, such as when I buy another basic cashmere crewneck when what I really need to find is a more interesting winter top.

But that is not the whole story. As human beings, we have an amazing ability to scan the horizon, interpret massive amounts of visual data, and select what is pertinent. Thus, when shopping, it is not unusual to dismiss a look without actually giving it consideration.

So, in these days of refining my own look and helping others to discover theirs, I am recommending the following practice:

practice scanning for things you know you want but don’t typically buy

Changing habits takes retraining the brain. Welcome, Captain Obvious, to the blog!

What are you working on retraining yourself to notice? I have a whole new custom color palette! (More on that to come…)

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