Dec 022014

In connection with a (near) future collaboration opportunity, I picked up the classic Looking Good: Wardrobe Planning and Personal Style Development. I had never read it.

Despite its dated-looking illustrations, this book contains some really useful material. For one, it features several pages of drawings illustrating the use of line in selecting clothing. My thought is this:

if The Triumph of Individual Styleis the equivalent of a college course in the principles of art applied to clothing choices, Looking Good is perhaps analogous to a high school text, a good place for any adult to start.

In looking up links for this post, I discovered the reason I got this book for pennies: there is a newer version, entitled Looking Good . . . Every Day: Style Solutions for Real Women.

In other news, I am busy working on the costumes (my fingertips are cracking and bleeding) for a Christmas play my son-in-law, the music teacher, is directing; the hero and I are doing some serious nesting, now that it is truly all ours; and I have been struggling with insomnia, which I understand is not uncommon at this age and season of life.

More words to come! Happy Holidays! 🙂

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