Nov 252014

If you view your wardrobe as an investment (the value of which, in light of the 8 Challenge discussion, is now in question) it pays to be aware of trends. One trend to watch right now is that of fit. Looser, flowier fits are trending; all too soon, I predict, alot of what I have been wearing will look too tight. (For details on how to wear … slouch at youlookfab. in 1990 how everyone wore the same size T-shirts: XL? I remember laughing heartily when the cosmetic department manager stumbled upon a box of old promotional tees, probably left over from the 70s. They looked ridiculously dated, although I could wear one now without raising an eyebrow.)

This came into play today when I was in the sweater department at Ross. A couple of other ladies were looking at sweaters and one of them was debating back-and-forth between the small and the medium. She really didn’t want to try it on. Turning to me, she asked tentatively whether I thought the (acrylic) sweater would shrink. Nosy as I am, I had been itching to advise her to just buy the bigger one anyway 😉

I admit: this is not my favorite part of the fashion cycle. The trick to wearing a looser fit is to maintain the silhouette; in my case, that means maintaining some slimness through the midsection. It is, perhaps, a great time to embrace the perennial advice:

slouchy on top, structured on bottom; fitted on top, flowy on bottom

In other words, pick one or the other; loose all-over looks too much like PJs 😉

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  1. See, I like slouchy things, but I also like all my clothes to fit together, which is hard when I’m deliberately choosing things that hang on me. Fashion needs to quit trying to change the rules on us. =/

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