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purple-velvet-jacket.jpgWe talked about this haircut back in 2008 and it actually looks alot like what the front of my hair looks like now, although my bangs haven’t grown all the way out yet. And my glasses and my hair seem to be getting along okay 😉

If only I still had the velvet paisley blazer!

Lots of good scarf comments on this post, too. It is interesting that, after all these years, I still like this look and feel the same about it – except that now I am willing to try the sideswept bangs (with Carla’s encouragement.

Oh, and, btw, I have completed a first draft of a style essence calculator based on existing personality profilers! 🙂

From the top.  Hair:

  • Presently, I’m okay with my hair.
  • This haircut – without the turned under, uniform smoothness of the other – suits me better, both style idiom and hair texture.
  • Here’s the problem:  hanging across my face, hair would goo up my glasses.  Yet Christopher Hopkins would say that asking for this haircut but with bangs is like asking for chocolate chip cookies but without chocolate chips.   (I don’t think my stylist would mind doing it.)
  • Comments on how this haircut would suit me?

Next:  If I were to wear a scarf, unlikely as that is, this application is one I would consider. Thoughts from you accessory people?

Finally, twenty years ago, when I had a fashion retail career, I considered myself a “pink suit”. Daily I wore suits. But they were feminine and colorful, not mannish. Now I am finding myself with a strong preference for velvet blazers. Currently in rotation: blush pink, brown paisley, and grape.  My favorite way to wear them is with white oxford button-front shirt, collar flying.

So, all in all, this post was just an excuse for running the photo, which captures the stylistic essence of my personal idiom (me on the inside), everyday-wear.  Now, I’m off to the studio.  In a little over a week, I have the final for my beginning watercolor class.  I need all the practice I can get.

  17 Responses to “I (Still) Am a Purple Velvet Blazer”

  1. I agree. Bangs are hard to get used to, esp. w/glasses.

    Great photo…. I love your concept of distilling your fashion persona into a garment….. I will definitely have to think about what I am. That’s a great jacket too.

  2. I have a purple velvet blazer almost identical to the one in the photo, lol. It’s one of my fave pieces 😀

  3. No useful thoughts on hair, but, in my observation, scarves are *very* hard to wear successfully (and comfortably) if you’re not a “scarf person.” Probably more so than any other type of garment, if I had to guess. It seems like the added volume and movement either work for you or really don’t work. (I do wear scarves, btw, but not like this, which is basically the equivalent of a cowel neck that drops all the way to the waist. But then, I can also see how that look could be more feasible for someone with different proportions/body type than mine.)

  4. I don’t really like the scarf pictured, although it looks good on the model. I’d go with a lightweight (gauzy) long scarf instead. More versatility, and honestly, I’d feel like I was wearing a cowgirl bandanna in the one pictured.

  5. I understand why you like the velvet blazer – it gives you the structure and smartness your classic personality needs, but with the softness a and femininity that your feminine side requires, whilst still being more comfortable and practical which is what the relaxed side of you must have (am in the process of doing up your style report, and a velvet blazer is just so you!).

    I think that the scarf might be something you could consider when not doing practical things, but if you’re not a scarf wearer, you might just find it annoying as it flops about.

  6. LOL! I was looking at how cute that outfit looked thinking that I should consider purchasing a velvet blazer only to remember… I own two! However, my clothes have been packed for almost a year… and I forgot! I wonder what other surprised I will find when I unpack next month! It will be like Christmas early!

  7. From a lover of scarves and a wearer of scarves : -)

    I think that scarf would bother me…it would be in the way too much but that may be because I am big busted… you could always try it and see if you like it. I like scarves on just about everyone and this one might work with your figure :-).

    As much as I love scarves I have found that I can only wear them to work on days when I am not getting up and down from the desk and seeing clients all day… perhaps I just haven’t worn them enough to not “notice” them, if that makes sense.

    I love the haircut …why do you think your hair would hang onto your glasses? I think if it was a good cut and went with the “flow/grain/what is the word?” of your hair just a bit of spray would keep it in place.


  8. I love that you quote me!

  9. Try letting the bangs grow and then push them off to one side,,,,I do mine both ways for versatility. It’s okay if your bangs graze your glasses!

    I have a navy velvet Ecole jacket from J.Crew, which I haven’t yet worn. It’s too hot here, and very frustrating for someone who loves fall fashion.

    Listen, that scarf is DORKY tied that way! She looks like she’s about to chow down at the O.K. Corral Hoe Down!

    Rebecca, isn’t there SOME accessory out there for you that suits your personality? You like brown; what about a wooden bead necklace over your v-neck sweater with white shirt under? Yes, wood! Or one sort of large-ish fake topaz ring? You have a joie de vivre and a joie for the Lord, so why not borrow something to try out? God make us creative, Like HIM. I think it pleases Him to see us delight in ourselves, His creation!! Go for the scarf, but find one in your special colors that you feel will bring out your lips and eyes. I like how you use belts. What about finding simple ones with special hardware? Just a tad, maybe?
    Did you choose a casual walking shoe yet?

  10. I love the haircut and the blazer! My favorite jacket right now is olive velvet. I have been looking for a second one in a brighter color–like spice, or orange-red, or turquoise–for about a year, mostly trolling the jacket aisle at my favorite secondhand store. I may have to think about spending real money soon.

    Scarves and shawls are my favorite accessory, but I don’t think this one is flattering. If she bent over or sat, it would hang away from her body and look bulky. A long, slim scarf–wrapped around the neck or just hanging inside the collar or outside–would be a lot more flattering, in my opinion.

    May I borrow the photo to take to my hairdresser? I am growing my hair (esp. the bangs) out toward some kind of shaggy bob. Right now, I am in desperate straits! I actually left the house yesterday wearing a barrette in my bangs–so “not me,” but I couldn’t see to drive! 🙂

  11. Imogen – it’s great to know I’m on the right track! 🙂

    Susan – I guess I was just looking at how it obscures the model’s eye – that would definitely be in the zone of my glasses, getting them greasy and gooey.

    Karen – lol.

    It’s funny that you mention wood beads. My daughter has a wood bead necklace I keep asking her for, but I would wear it collar-bone length inside the collar. In fact, I am actively shopping for necklaces to wear in that configuration: collar-bone length to provide the missing color needed near the face. I haven’t built up stamina for that kind of shopping yet, though, so I’m sure it’ll take awhile to find it. I also have issues paying $$ for accessories when I only pay $ for real clothes that cover my nakedness. But now that I am not in danger of being naked …

    Casual walking shoe? No. I bought a pre-paid card with 20 visits to the chiropractor for my daughter instead. Now I’m on the scenic path to wardrobe renovation, as opposed to the fast track. 😉

    Thanks for all your encouragement!

    Sheri – of course!

    The more I think about it, the more sold I am on this haircut.

  12. This is so funny because I posted this same BR picture on my blog last week!

    I am not familiar enough with your face to comment on this style, but I do like it. And the bangs do seem to be essential, but you could sweep them more to the side, maybe.

    I think the long scarf thing works with a jacket, not so much without one.

    Just my take. 🙂

  13. I like the haircut. Sideswept bangs take some getting used to, but it can be done, even with glasses. It’s a very modern look – you should go for it.

    The scarf looks too much like a bandana to me. I agree that a slim long knit scarf might suit you better.

  14. Wow, I have that jacket in my BR shopping cart and just two months ago I would have never considered that jacket. Now I NEED it. And, I just recently got side swept bangs and I am loving them. I would not do that scarf or wear the lovely aubergine jacket with a tucked in shirt like that. Something about the way they styled the BR photo makes me think of the 70’s. I like the way you are wearing your velvet jackets, the white button down shirts steady structure seems a nice balance to the lushness of the velvet.

    I am delighted I found your lovely blog!:-)

  15. Am I too late to make another comment?

    I love my navy blazer from JCrew so much I got onein burgundy today, to wear with pink underneath. It was $98, much cheaper than my first one. Rebecca, you can get one now with your remaining $ for the year!!!

  16. I had a beautiful emerald green velvet jacket way back in 1976 – I still have the jacket in the vain hope that my arms will slim down sufficiently to enable me to wear it again. In the meantime I would love to get another, but where from? I want a long line one too, being 5’9″ short ones look as though I have grown out of them. Any ideas welcome x

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