Oct 142014

Still thinking about my hair. I think it looks good, but I am still conflicted. Lol. At least I don’t have hair that I know looks bad! image

A number of people have commented that the stacked bob is modern and very popular among the chic, younger (20s and 30s) crowd. That may be. But, aside from the fact that it has topped the haircut charts since 2006 (thank you, Mrs. Beckham), it is also a great haircut for with-it retirees and has numerous technical and practical advantages (which is why I requested it). But I don’t see it on any of the many amazingly beautiful “stars” in the 50 and nearly demographic.


IMG_2993.PNGI don’t actually see it, but I get told alot that I look like Meg Ryan. Guessing from this picture, she has a version of stacked bob. Hmmm. I wonder if I could do this with a flat iron …

Back to the question at hand: what message do you think the stacked bob communicates? I am honing in on my authentic personal idiom; more on that in the near future. 🙂

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  1. Look, every one of those pictures has a version of bedhead (and I’m intending in the more explicit sense) and the famous chick on the left (who looks familiar but I can’t name – Sandra Bullock?) just has straight limp hair as if just emerging from the shower either before or afterwards. The trend nowadays is to assert that over-50’s and over-60’s and etc are very sexy above all. Part of it is to validate boomer’s perceptions and desires and part to be in-your-face to younger folks who claim that women can be sexual in advanced years but don’t really believe it because it would be like thinking about your parents in an x-rated way. 😀

    • *chuckle* I admit, I had not thought of it that way. When one has been happily married for as long as you, me, and the Beckhams, it no longer seems necessary to be in your face about those sorts of things, IMHO 😉

      But what really cracked me up about this post is that when I uploaded it, I could’ve sworn the woman in the first picture was Victoria Beckham! Same angle, same haircut; somehow, I accidentally switched in the photo of myself! Lol

  2. For me the stacked bob combines a carefree and slightly tomboyish feel with glamour.

    • I love that! And I think that description works for me.

      It is interesting: I am back to getting daily compliments on my hair AND I have started getting “you’re too young” again. Just goes to prove that even stylists need a stylist 😉

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